My Instagram account does not meet the requirements for integration. What should I do?

To integrate an Instagram account with Reportei, it needs:

  • Be a commercial / content creator account;
  • Must necessarily be connected to a Facebook page;
  • You must have administrator permission for this Facebook page to which the account is connected;

If your account is not yet commercial, follow the steps in this article.

If it is already commercial and is just not connected to a Facebook page, follow the steps below:

To get started, you need to select a page to connect to this Instagram account. If there is no specific page already created, you must create a new one. Don’t worry, it won’t have to contain content.

If the page you want to connect to already exists but you do not have access to it, request administrator access and then follow these steps:

Attention: The entire process will be done by cell phone. So, it is essential that you are connected on your cell phone, to a personal Facebook account that has administrative access to the page you want to connect to.

  1. Make sure that in the Facebook app or mobile browser you are logged into Facebook with the account that has access to the page you want to connect to;
  2. Enter the Instagram App, go to Settings. Click Account> “Linked accounts” (* If you don’t see the “Linked accounts” option, see guidance in the next solution)
  3. At that moment select Facebook and connect to the desired page;
  4. Finally, go back to Reportei and try to integrate your Instagram account again, making sure to follow the steps in this guide.

*If the option “Linked Accounts” does not appear and instead the option “Share in other apps” appears, it is an indication that the conversion of the account to commercial was not completed correctly. To do this, follow solution number 4 “Revert to personal account” in this article.

If there is an error in the connection between Instagram and the page, see this article with possible solutions.

And if you need any help, just contact our support team! =)

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