How can I change the order of metrics in the report?

You can customize the report, remove metrics, change layout and size as well. All this to make the report the way you want it. =)

To customize your report and change the order of the metrics, you need to have the report open in the edit version. This way, whenever you hover over some metrics, the following options will appear:

  • This first icon with the dots allows you to change the position of the metric (reorder the metric in the report). Just click and hold the icon to move the metric:
  • + : Increase the “box” of the metric;
  • : Decrease the “box” of the metric;
  • Gear: to Configure the metric – see in this article how to configure.
  • Trash: Remove the metric.

In addition to changing the order of the metrics it is possible to change the display order of the networks, it is possible to configure tables and graphs too! =D

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