How do I change my personal account to a business account?

With an Instagram Business account, you will have access to your account data, you can add Call-To-Action buttons at the top of your profile which makes it easy for your customers to contact you. And also create promotions with Facebook Ad Manager that will reach users inside the platform.

  1. Access Instagram, go to your profile and tap  .
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Tap Switch to Business Profile and select the Facebook Page you’d like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram with.
  4. Add details such as profile or company category and customize contact information (you must add at least one form of contact). But don’t worry, you can change this information at any time.
  5. On the Set Up Your Business Profile page, review your business’s contact information, make any changes and tap Done.


  • You must be an administrator of this page in order to link it to Instagram, otherwise it will not appear as an option for you.
  • Make sure your profile is set to Public.Private accounts can’t switch to Business Accounts
  • You need to connect your Business Profile to a Facebook Page associated with your business. This will make it easier to use all the features available in Facebook Business.
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