How can the time zone affect reporting data?

Each social network / channel that we have integrated in Reportei (Facebook, Google Analytics, Linkedin, etc.) has its own API, that is, each one has programming standards and documentation. And it is with the API that we communicate to generate reports. And when we talk about time zones, it can vary from one API to another.

The Facebook API, for example, works with Pacific Standard Time (PST or UTC-8). And this time is different from Madrid, Spain, for example, which is UTC +2. So, to ensure that the data displayed in the reports is correct, Reportei will always correct this difference between the API’s time zone and your account’s time zone.

It is very important to keep the time zone of your account in Reportei the same as the time zone configured in your account on the social network. This will ensure that the data is passed on exactly the same as what the social network displays in its interface for you. =)

But how can the difference between the time zone affect the data in the report?

If you generated a report analyzing the period from 01/01 to 01/31 and on your analyzed page, there was a post that was published shortly after the turn of 12/31, for example. Depending on your account’s time zone, this publication may not appear in the report. This can happen because, depending on the time zone, the publication can be considered on 12/31 and not on 01/01.

So depending on the time zone selected in your account and the analysis period chosen to generate the report in Reporteii, some information may not appear. Keep your Reportei account with the same time zone as your accounts on other networks and this will minimize this issue. =)

Any questions, please contact our support team! =)

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