We’ve got a new Reportei integration for you: breeze through monitoring your with our RD Station CRM reports

Our latest RD Station CRM report is here to help you monitor your Inbound Marketing strategy data more comprehensively.

The Reportei-RD Station Marketing integration was already available to help you closely track your efforts in lead and opportunity capture. But our new report takes you to the next level, making monitoring the entire sales funnel a lot easier.

Here’s what you need to know about RD CRM, available metrics for tracking RD CRM in Reportei, and how to customize templates. Keep reading and check it out!

What RD CRM is and how you can track dealings on the platform

RD CRM was developed by one of Brazil’s largest marketing automation platforms. Its purpose is to help businesses organize and automate commercial processes and more productive sales teams.

You can use the platform to manage teams, set appointments, create a history of the nature of opportunities, and (of course!) generate insightful reports to optimize the sales team’s work. 

Tracking CRM metrics will give you an in-depth understanding of each step of the process as well as any objections potential customers may have if there is room for improvement in the marketing/sales integration and exactly where.

Reportei’s new RD Station CRM reports give you easy access to metrics as data is captured in seconds.

You can also view comparative data in charts and tables showing records of all activities carried out within a given period.

RD Station CRM metrics in Reportei

Check out this list of the available data in our RD Station CRM reports:

  • New opportunities: referring to the business dealings that began within a given period of analysis;
  • Opportunities in progress: meaning those that the commercial team is still working on;
  • Paused opportunities: those put on hold;
  • Missed opportunities: when trading was canceled during the analysis period;
  • Number of sales closed;
  • Value of sales closed;
  • The company’s average sales ticket;
  • The conversion rate of opportunities into sales;
  • Sales funnel, showing the results at each stage;
  • Tasks created for team members;
  • Tasks completed by the commercial team;
  • Calls made by sales team members throughout the analysis period.

As you can see, our reports deliver an overview of the company’s commercial results, a fuller comprehension of how the business operates, and the stages that a team should be more aware of.

Use graphs and tables for analysis

And that’s not all! You can also use captured data from the sales management tool to view three comparative charts:

  • Opportunities over time;
  • User-created opportunities;
  • Sales per user.

For more detail, we have five tables:

  • Links per user;
  • Sales per team;
  • Team links;
  • Summary of tasks carried out throughout the analysis period;
  • Performance according to funnel stage.

Customize your RD Station CRM reports even more

After learning about the metrics, graphs, and tables available in our new reports, it’s worth mentioning that Reportei has so much more to offer than the automatic capturing of data.

Our features allow you to customize reports and add your analysis of results in text, image, or video format. Plus, you can reorganize data to highlight priorities and add manual metrics and charts.

Another pro is that you’re free to order the channels before presenting them to clients, so you can create an inverted funnel to register each stage of the sales funnel.

Because you can integrate Reportei with a wide range of channels, it’s super convenient for analyzing results from your website, social networks, ad accounts, and more!

Our RD Station CRM reports are available for Pro and Premium plan users, but you can try them out right now for free!

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