Why do I need to allow Reportei access when integrating an account?

First, if you are having problems with integration because your Facebook pages or Instagram accounts do not appear, see the instructions in this other post. Keep reading the post to understand why allowing access is critical!

In Reportei information from social networks and other channels are sent directly by each network API. We depend on access permissions and validation tokens so that data monitoring is not interrupted and reports continue to be generated without problems.

Therefore, it is essential to grant permissions when connecting an account on Reportei. If you change any permissions at the time of integration, this will affect data collection and even invalidate integrations from other accounts that were already connected to Reportei.

On Facebook and Instagram, for example, if when you connect the accounts of a certain customer you deselect the other pages and Instagram accounts that you manage, Facebook will understand that you do not want the Reportei to receive data from those accounts and pages ever again . And, even if the account is already integrated, the token will be invalid!

What are tokens?

These validation tokens are the way that each social network understands that you have allowed a tool or application to receive data on the accounts. They must always be active so that the sending of this data through the API of each network / channel is possible. This is the only way for reports to be generated without any errors.

Do tokens expire? Why?

Yes! Tokens can expire or become invalid, and it is necessary to re-integrate the account in question. This can happen when the integrated account had a password or other configuration changed, but it can also happen due to the automatic expiration of the access token. Tokens that allow us to access networks are expiring more often than before. Much because of the updates in the privacy policy of the social networks themselves.

Networks remove tokens after a while, for the user’s safety. This ensures that only tools and applications that have been given renewed permission will continue to have access.


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