Automatic Update of Credit Card Info

This is a service provided by several brands (Visa and Mastercard, for example) that simplifies the lives of your customers who need to reissue the card (for loss, theft or damage, for example) and do not want to take the trouble to change the billing information already registered with several companies.

When the customer cancels the card and issues a new one, a different number is generated. Now, this new number will be  automatically updated  on several websites, applications and digital services where the user already had a registration filled in with the old card.

Note: The data is updated only on platforms where the customer has already registered – that is, on those where his data was already in the system. But this is an optional service: if you prefer, you can contact your bank to disabled it on your card.

Remembering that at Reportei we use Stripe as a payment manager, which is an international reference in security.

If you want to read more about the update read here.

Any questions please contact our Support team.

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