Google Ads: What does "Content" mean in the Keywords table?

Google show the special keyword “Content” to represent all keywords that trigger impressions on the display network.

When generating a Google Ads report, all keywords that triggered impressions on the display network will be represented by a special keyword (text: Content). When generating this general account report, Google sends this word “Content” to represent all keywords that trigger impressions from the Display Network, so it appears that way in a Reportei report.

Why appears “Content”? This happens when the targeting method uses the keywords or topics you’ve chosen to match your ads to the relevant sites. That is, when the contextual targeting option is selected and only applies to keywords with the “Content” option selected for the keyword setting. 

In the official API documentation, it is possible to confirm this form of display that they defined for the report. And you can learn more about Display Network and Contextual Targeting on Google Ads itself.


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