Reports and Dashboards for Twitter Ads

Keep your most important Twitter Ads data on one screen to optimize your campaigns. Integrate reports and dashboards with other digital marketing channels in Reportei!

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Full Twitter reports and dashboards in only 3 seconds

Integrating your  Twitter Ads account with Reportei allows you to create reports and dashboards in seconds. Get access to your key metrics, performance graphs, and most importantly, individual campaign or ad results.

You can analyze your Twitter metrics on a single screen and data from other channels integrated with Reportei. It’s much more practical for gaining insights and makes your planning and marketing investments more efficient.

Check out the main metrics you’ll find in our Pinterest report and dashboard

Integrating your account with Reportei gives you access to the “Manage Integrations” tab. Then, you can create Twitter reports and dashboards in seconds. You’ll find all the reach and engagement metrics you need there.

Here’s a list of metrics available to help you analyze your reach, views, spending, and more:

Twitter Ads

  1. Total Pin clicks – for accessing content on or off Pinterest;
  2. Total number of saved Pins;
  3. Number of conversions;
  4. Total spend;
  5. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM);
  6. Total Click Through Rate (CTR)
  7. Total engagement on published Pins;
  8. Paid Engagement (including saves, pin clicks, exit clicks, and carousel card swipes;
  9. Total impressions;
  10. Paid impressions.

There is also a table with the main data of the featured campaigns for you to understand how each one performed during the analyzed period.

Need more detailed information? You can also select a specific campaign to access the complete metrics available through Twitter Ads.

If you miss any data, inserting it through the manual metrics feature and keeping a complete record in one place is possible.

Create reports and dashboards for Twitter Ads in a few clicks

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Besides Twitter reports and dashboards, you can also generate reports and dashboards for Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Mailchimp, RD Station, and more. Get the best plan for your projects and generate practical, in-depth, custom reports and dashboards for your clients!