Low-performance reports: how to present them to the client?

Presenting a low-performing digital marketing report is thankless but necessary.

Opening Reportei in the first week of the month and seeing low-performance reports It is a little frustrating, and we know that. Even though you control everything and know exactly why that negative result is there, you always overcome that fear about how to communicate it to the customer.

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Instagram guides: discover a new feature created for quarantine

Instagram Guides make it easy to curate content and are now available for selected accounts

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Search Console report: 3 tips to improve your position on Google

The Search Console report, which arrived at Reportei in early 2020, is an essential tool for evaluating the performance of your site on Google.

In addition to helping to understand better your presence in the search engine’s organic results, this functionality also offers input to generate optimizations and make your content more attractive.

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How to manage Work From Home (WFH) in marketing agencies

Managing WFO in marketing agencies is not an easy task, but it has become an essential method of work since social distancing was chosen as the primary preventive measure against Covid-19.

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How to retain your customers in tough times

If companies are affected by crises, as we have seen with the new Coronavirus pandemic, this means that eventually, marketing agencies, freelancers, and other communication service providers will also suffer the financial impact at some point.

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New tool: Schedule Tweets for free through the browser in Twitter

Twitter launches the scheduling of tweets through the browser. Find out how to schedule your posts!

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Mailchimp Report: New. Know all the details.

One of the leading email marketing tools came to Reportei, and so that you don’t miss any details, we prepared this article with all the information about our new Mailchimp report.

The platform, which was developed in 2001, simplifies and makes the process of creating campaigns and triggering emails more accessible, which helps, especially in the growth of small businesses.

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Google My Business report: check out the new feature from Reportei

Yes, Reportei does not stop launching incredible new features! We’ve already talked about the Search Console report here, and now is the time to show you everything you need to know about the brand new Google My Business report.

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Find out how to use Mailchimp in your email marketing strategy

In this post, we selected the main features that Mailchimp offers and five tips for you to be successful with your campaigns. Keep reading to check it out!

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Google Search Console report: 4 metrics to analyze in Reportei

Now, Reportei has another incredible feature to assist in the performance and optimization analyzes of your website or your client: the Google Search Console report.

This tool, which has become increasingly essential for the work of a digital marketer, offers critical information about a website’s traffic, its performance in Google searches, and how users reach it.

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