I want to integrate Instagram, but Facebook appears to connect. Why does this happen?

The only way of integration that Instagram currently allows via API is through Facebook. So the Instagram account needs to be commercial and it also needs to be linked to a page and you need to have access to this page. Note: the Instagram business account has two profile categories: content creator or company. Linking the Instagram account with a Facebook page is required in both categories.

If the account you are trying to integrate is a personal profile, you will need to convert it to a business account. It’s super simple! We have a post explaining how to do it, just click here.

But, if your account is already commercial and still does not appear in Reportei, it could be a problem between Facebook and Instagram at the time the account was linked. It is possible to check in this other post how to solve the problem to be able to do the integration correctly here in Reportei. =)

Any other questions talk to our support team via chat! Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (UTC/GMT -03:00) América/São Paulo)

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