Facebook error when integrating Instagram Business account. How to solve?

Facebook is probably not recognizing your account as a commercial. Check one detail:

  1. Access the Facebook page that is linked to this Instagram;
  2. Click on “Page Settings”
  3. In the settings options click on “Instagram”
  4. Check for a message to “Review Account Connection”. If so, follow the process to successfully integrate Facebook and Instagram.

In order for your account to appear in Reportei, it is necessary that this connection review is done successfully!

If there is no message on the page, check that this Instagram account has been connected to the page via Facebook. If this connection was made by Facebook, this may be the reason for the error.

Try to disconnect the account through Facebook and do the connection process of the accounts through Instagram. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook from the desktop and navigate to the page you would like to be connected to your Instagram business profile. Go to Page Settings> Instagram. At the bottom of the page, click “Disconnect” Instagram account.

  2. That done, enter the Instagram App, go to Settings. Click Account> “Linked accounts” / (* If you don’t see the “Linked accounts” option, see guidance in the next solution)

  3. At this point, select Facebook and link to the page you want.

  4. Finally, go back to Reportei and try to integrate your Instagram account again, making sure to follow the steps in this guide carefully, the integration will probably work!

Attention: It is essential that you are connected on your cell phone, to a personal Facebook account that has administrative access to the page you want to connect to.

*If the option “Linked accounts” does not appear and instead appears “Sharing to Other Apps”, follow the solution guidelines “4) Revert account into personal”  n this other article.

Finally, if in any of these steps there is an error warning that this Facebook page belongs to another company, or that you need to be a page administrator:

Access Facebook again and go to the Administrative Functions of this page and check who is the Owner of the page. Is it the Business Manager you have access to that appeared?

If it’s a Manager that you or anyone else on your team has access to, you’ll need to request permission from the owner or claim the page. Only with access to the Business Manager that is connected, it will be possible to make this connection between Facebook and Instagram correctly.

Consequently, it is only in this way that the account will appear to be integrated with Reportei. Unfortunately Facebook and Instagram are constantly giving these connection problems, which are beyond our control. But we depend on this correct connection so that integration is possible.

If you have any questions please contact our support team =)

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