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Our new reports on Reportei sync up with the latest version of Google Analytics and its current approach to collecting data on the client journey.

Like with Google Analytics Universal reports, you can access all the key metrics and focus on each sale funnel stage.

It takes only three seconds to access data on attraction, engagement, monetization, and retention. Using our reports buys you time for strategic analysis and planning your next move.  

Get the inside scoop on our GA4 reports and join team Reportei! More than 2.000 freelancers and businesses use our reporting software daily to analyze social media campaign results and increase productivity.

Here are the metrics you can track through our Analytics 4 report

Our Google Analytics 4 reports are practical and grant you quick access to all the website Lifecycle metrics. They’re focused on the sales funnel stages from attraction to retention.

Here’s some of the data available in the overview:

  • Users;
  • New users;
  • Average engagement time;
  • Page views;
  • Number of events;
  • Sessions;
  • Engagement sessions.

Next is a series of tables with specific analyses of channels and conversions.

The first covers the origins of traffic in depth. Added to the metrics above, you can also track:

  • Revenue; 
  • Engagement rate;
  • Custom event count;
  • Conversions;
  • Events per session;
  • And engaged sessions.

The featured channel table helps you understand where your revenue comes from. You can monitor total revenue from each source, the number of transactions, and average order value.

We have four extra tables to help complement your analysis:

  • Featured countries;
  • Featured cities;
  • Top events ( with event count per user and total revenue);
  • And main conversions (including event revenue).

There’s no time to lose! Start using our Google Analytics 4 reports to collect and analyze data more efficiently


Generate customized Google Analytics 4 reports

Best of all, you can customize our GA4 reports and include metrics, tables, and graphs, to suit your projects.

Add or remove data, customize and save templates as you please, and use them for any of your clients or projects.

Feel free to complement metrics by adding your interpretation of results through texts, images, or videos.

That way, you can enrich your reports, making for clear communication with clients or decision-makers, and keep them engaged with projects.

Make decisions more strategically

Using Google Analytics 4 reports will help improve your digital marketing strategies as a whole.

The GA 4 platform is specially designed to cover the stages of the buyer journey in depth. It collects data on the processes of attraction, engagement, monetization, retention, and, of course, client behavior. 

You can not only access the site performance data, but plan how to optimize your performance on different channels, conversions, and strategies for higher user retention.

Start your free three-day trial now and learn how Reportei can improve your team’s routine and relationship with clients!


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