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I see Reportei as an excellent tool for data collection and presentation! Its main positive point is the ease of use due to its intuitive interface. With just a few clicks, you can integrate your accounts and simply drag and drop the elements available in the metrics menu to create a Report or a Dashboard. You can start from a standard template or customize it according to your storytelling needs

Gabriel Sorato  Nação Digital Agency

Reportei emerged as the solution to the biggest bottleneck we had at Roma, and it’s been about four years now. We felt the need for a tool that would deliver speed and a great user experience. When they introduced automated report sending, it was fantastic. We can only express our gratitude for the partnership throughout all these years because they have always been very responsive and, most importantly, they listened to our demands, constantly seeking to improve the tool

Bruno Paiva  Roma Agency


Before discovering Reportei, our agency conducted tests with other platforms that offered even more options within the platform, but it distracted us from what we really wanted: comprehensive reports. It doesn’t help to offer post scheduling and other features when what we needed was the focus on Reports. That’s the differentiator of Reportei. This way, we can have better control over managing our clients’ digital media. But I can’t finish without mentioning the amazing Support team, especially the “Júlias”. They never let you down and provide immediate assistance

Rafael Ferreira de Melo Quatro P’S Agency

We have been using Reportei practically since the beginning of our agency, and we have never had to worry about manually creating reports. This allowed us to focus our efforts on improving our clients’ strategies and growing the agency. Reportei has provided our company with more efficiency and accuracy in data from the very start

Leonardo Andrade Clique Digital

Since the foundation of Hero Mídia, we have always informed our clients through Reportei. It is the first and only tool we use, even though we have seen others in the market, we find Reportei to be the most intuitive and with an interesting design. In our closing meetings, mentioning that we offer real-time dashboards and weekly reports has significantly increased our conversion rate. I highly recommend Reportei

Maycon Fernandes Hero Mídia

Reportei has greatly facilitated my daily routine when it comes to sending monthly performance reports to my clients. In the past, I used to spend a lot of time taking screenshots and organizing links to create an accessible and clear model for my clients to read. However, with Reportei’s tool, I can do everything in a practical and quick way. The ready-made templates allow me to add data automatically, and if I need to include any personalized information, I can do it with just one click. The price is very affordable as well

Camila Abou Gestão de Lojas Online

I discovered Reportei at the beginning of my Social Media career, and it’s been one of the best reporting programs I’ve ever seen to this day. I can’t imagine how my daily work at the company would be without being able to rely on the advantages that the program offers – the plans, the connected networks, and, of course, the support. It’s REALLY good, and I highly recommend it

Maiu Maira Maiu Comunicação

With Reportei, we can bring the analysis of our clients’ channels into a single platform. Its structure allows us to present the key metrics tailored to their business in a personalized way. Not only has it optimized our time, but it has also made report presentation and delivery much easier

Kennedy Anderson de Lima Nezz Digital