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According to the YouTube more than a billion users watch about a billion hours of videos per day. With this information alone, you can already understand the power that this media currently has, right?

For this reason, as demand is high and the competition is also, far beyond producing audiovisual content, you must use your results to devise strategies that are, in fact, effective.

So, if you still don’t know Reportei‘s YouTube report, it’s time to learn how we help you analyze your metrics more conveniently and boost your productivity and your relationship with your customers.

In just three seconds you collect all the most relevant data about your channel in a complete and customizable report. With this facility, you not only save the time of having to gather this information manually, but you also have more availability for what really matters: to create quality content for your videos and with subjects that attract your audience’s attention!

Generate YouTube reports in a few clicks

Did you see how easy it is to stay on top of the results obtained on Youtube? Generate YouTube reports right now and take the opportunity to make your audiovisual strategy much more effective.

Youtube Report

Check your channel’s performance metrics

The purpose of the YouTube report is precisely to present the performance of your channel and your videos so that you can analyze the results in a more agile and directed towards new strategies.

In this way we select the main metrics that assist in this process. Check out what they are:

Channel’s views

Channel’s Subscriptions

Channel’s Videos

Total assisted time


New Subscribers

Lost subscriptions





Average (%) of video watched

Average view duration

And even more!

There are still two lists for you to keep looking at most popular videos, which bring together the published items with the highest number of views, and videos with the highest engagement, which attracted or the largest number of subscriptions in the analyzed period.

In addition to these two comparative measures, this selection with the featured videos also features the number of likes that they received. With union of this information, opens as the doors for you to see what types of content generate more interaction with the public and take advantage of this gain in future planning.

Reports from YouTube: Present data to your client in a more practical way

Present in the daily routine of more than 4,000 agencies, freelancers, traffic managers, and companies, Reportei allows you to generate unlimited, professional, and customized reports to facilitate the communication of results with your clients.

That’s why our YouTube report contains the most important information to demonstrate whether your strategy was successful or not, and which actions will be planned to achieve even better performance in the future.

To reflect the data in an objective and completely didactic way, you have some resources that adapt perfectly to your reality and that of your client, as described below:

Your benefits

In addition to YouTube reports, you can also generate reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Mailchimp, and RD Station. Find the perfect plan for your projects and generate comprehensive, customized, and objective reports for your clients!