Reportei’s Dashboard

Speed up your analyses with our dynamic Social Media and Digital Marketing Dashboards

Reportei’s Dashboard

Reportei’s Dashboard

Speed up your analyses with our dynamic Social Media and Digital Marketing Dashboards

Reportei’s Dashboard

The idea behind our social media and digital marketing dashboards is to help you analyze your project results comprehensively and efficiently. 

Our metrics dashboard contains the static report data, graphs, and tables, but you can also switch analysis and comparison periods anytime.

That means you can monitor all your data in one shot. No need to read through a bunch of reports every week, and you won’t have to wait till the end of the month to track your metrics. Quicker, more accurate decision-making is what we’re talking about.

Create as many dashboards as you’d like for your projects and select one to share with your client. That way, they can browse through metrics and closely monitor the results of your strategy. 

Learn which social network metrics are available on the Reportei dashboard and how they can help you work smarter on the go!

What can Reportei’s dashboard do for me?

Like reports in Reportei, our dashboards give you access to metrics from all the channels and networks available in our tool:

Facebook e Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Instagram Business

Google Analytics Universal

Google Analytics 4

Google Search Console

Google My Business


Linkedin e Linkedin Ads

RD Station


And others!

What can Reportei’s dashboard do for me?

Start your free trial and use our dashboard to track your business’ data.


And that’s not all

Here are four extra benefits of using our social media dashboard.

Update metrics anytime

Whether you’re selecting specific data, or need an overview of all your social network data, you can switch analysis and comparison periods for the info you need in a flash. Nothing gets left out!

Make quicker decisions

Updating dashboards in Reportei and navigating data without having to generate more than one report also helps your team speed up decision-making.After all, the entire history of your network activity is sitting in one control panel, ready to help you plan more strategically.But keep in mind that you’ll only be able to process the metrics of some networks after you’ve integrated them (like RD Station and Instagram Stories).

Share data with your team and clients

One major advantage of using our dashboards is creating as many as you’d like, including one or more for your team or clients to easily track results for themselves. It encourages decision-makers to get more involved with projects. They won’t need to wait too long to look over the results of actions and can contribute helpful insights for the next steps.

Custom templates

You can customize our social networks dashboards, organizing channels, metrics, and graphs you’re using in projects in order of priority. You can also complement the data with your analysis as texts, videos, or images.That means you establish what needs following up. You can even save templates to use with the same client or others in your account.

Dashboard vs Reportei Reports: What’s the difference?

Dashboards and reports are different tools that complement each other to make your team and client’s data analysis more complete, accurate, and relevant.

While static reports are about in-depth analysis to help you keep a record of your activity across different networks, dashboards update in real-time, helping speed up decision making.

Neither rules out the other! Much the opposite: using both makes for more strategic projects and smooth communication between your team and decision-makers.

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