RD Station Limitations

RD Station Marketing is a marketing automation tool that allows you to manage the entire marketing operation in one place and here at Reportei we have this integration available in the PRO and Premium plans.

However, there are currently some limitations of RD Station itself that prevent some integrations and also the return of some data. These are the limitations:

  • Integration is only available for RD Station Pro or Enterprise (Advanced) plan customers;
  • RD only provides retroactive data on email marketing for RD Staton Enterprise (Advanced) plans. If you have RD Station PRO plan you will be able to see retroactive data on email marketing up to 45 days.
  • Some metrics about Leads and Opportunities only appear for RD Station Enterprise (Advanced) plan customers;
  • RD does not pass on historical conversions and opportunities data. From your integration in Reportei, we will monitor this information so that in future reports you will already have data on these metrics.

Aware of this, in the Reportei interface we inform you about these limitations, from the generation of the report to the display of metrics that may not be available. Bearing in mind that all these issues are beyond Reportei’s control, since we pass on the data available through the official documentation of RD Station.

In any case, we are always following the improvements of the integrations available to update Reportei. And, in the specific case of RD, we always try to dialogue with them so that more data is available and that there are not so many limits related to the plans contracted at RD Station.

If you want to reinforce your demand for more data and less limitations for RD, contact your RD account manager or contact them at this link and signal your demand for it to be passed on to the development team. This way the priority for API improvements can increase and we will have more options in Reportei more quickly.

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