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Develop reports for Facebook and Facebook Ads analysis

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Reportei is a highly useful tool for developing professional reports in only minutes, and you can use it to create Facebook, and Facebook Ads reports efficiently! This online reporting software is designed to help you by eliminating the time-consuming process and stress of producing manual reports. As you save time by using Reportei, you will also be saving money, which you can then invest in your product or service.

Facebook reports on Reportei feature essential social media metrics, which are:

  • People talking about this
  • Posted Stories
  • Number of people reached
  • Total number of views

Our tool aims to help improve communication between you and your clients when you are presenting them with the results of your actions on Facebook and Facebook Ads.

The Facebook reports contain information that is relevant to understanding the success rate of each of your strategies. Having a report that is both objective and practical will undoubtedly help you contemplate your results, come up with new solutions, and bring about improvements if need be.

The reports include the use of crucial Facebook Ads metrics so you can analyze your campaign and ads performance in-depth:

  • Reactions
  • Reach
  • Total investment
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per thousand impressions
  • Click-through rate
  • People taking action
  • Cost per action
  • Total number of ads
  • Impressions and reach by age
  • Impressions and reach by gender
  • Reach per platform
  • Impressions and reach per hour

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What do you say? Are you ready to develop Facebook and Facebook Ads reports to find out everything about your most important posts on social media? Are you prepared to monitor likes, comments, and other key metrics? So choose the plan that is best suited to your individual needs, and create unlimited, practical reports in record time.
Try out this online reporting software free, and you’ll be able to agree that reports don´t always have to be tedious and challenging to understand. In addition to Facebook and Facebook Ads reports, Reportei also creates reports for Instagram, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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