Reports and Dashboards for TikTok and TikTok Ads

Optimize your TikTok Ads campaigns keeping all your key data on a single screen. Integrate your reports and dashboards with other digital marketing channels on Reportei!


Generate TikTok Reports and dashboards in only 3 seconds with Reportei

Integrating TikTok and TikTok Ads with Reportei allows you to generate TikTok reports and dashboards in a matter of seconds! You can also access key metrics, performance graphs, and of course, individual campaign ad results.

You can analyze TikTok metrics and other channels on a single screen by integrating them with Reportei! It makes extracting insights all the more practical and helps you optimize planning and invest more efficiently.

Here are the top 12 metrics you’ll find in Reportei’s TikTok Ads reports and dashboards

After integrating your TikTok Ads account with Reportei, you can access your main results with a few easy clicks. 

Here’s a list of the metrics you can track to analyze reach, views, costs, and more:

  1. Impressions: number of times ads were displayed on screens;
  2. Reach: number of users who viewed an ad at least once (estimate);
  3. Frequency: average number of times an ad was viewed by the same account;
  4. Video Views: number of times a video was played (replays not included); 
  5. Average Watch Time: average watch time per view;
  6. Total Clicks: number of clicks on ads;
  7. CTR (Click Through Rate): ratio of the number of clicks on an ad;
  8. Conversions: number of times an ad achieved the results you established for a campaign;
  9. Total Cost: an estimate of the amount destined for campaigns over a selected period (TikTok Ads Manager costs only);
  10. CPC (Cost Per Click): average spent per click;
  11. CPM (Cost per Thousand): average spent per thousand impressions;
  12. CPA (Cost Per Action): average spent per conversion.

There are four additional metrics for videos to help you gauge how users interact with your content. Check them out:

  • Number of times that a video plays to 25% of its length (does not include replays);
  • Number of times that a video plays to 50% of its length;
  • Number of times that a video plays to 75% of its length;
  • Number of times that a video plays to 100% of its length.

Plus, adding comparison periods to your reports and dashboards allows you to monitor results and follow numbers as they rise and fall. That gives you insight into what gets higher engagement on TikTok and what strategies to optimize.

Create reports and dashboards for TikTok Ads with a few simple clicks

Analyze your TikTok data right now and learn about how Reportei works in-depth!


Analyze performance graphs and tables for your TikTok Ads campaigns

Besides metrics, our TikTok Ads reports and dashboards automatically create graphs and tables you can use to track ad campaign data in depth. 

Graphs will show costs, impressions, clicks, and conversions over time. And that’s not all! We have three additional graphs, breaking down impressions, age, platform, and gender. 

Tables let you analyze campaign and featured ads results (cost, impressions, and conversions) and the countries and regions where you ran ads.

Extract valuable insight form TikTok Ads results

If you use TikTok Ads to promote your business, our reports and dashboards are a valuable source of insight to help you boost your Ad campaigns.

You can use them to analyze metrics from reach performance to audience engagement comprehensively, comparing costs to optimize future investments. 

You can also monitor campaigns and creatives to understand which perform better so you can plan actions and try new strategies.

Here are the metrics available in Reportei’s TikTok reports and dashboards

A TikTok/Reportei account integration allows you to access your most relevant TikTok results with a few simple clicks. 

You can analyze:

  • Total views;
  • Total likes;
  • Total shares;
  • Number of videos;
  • Comments;
  • Featured videos.

Besides TikTok reports and dashboards, you can also generate reports and dashboards for Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Mailchimp, RD Station, and more. Get the best plan for your projects and generate practical, in-depth, custom reports and dashboards for your clients!