Why Reportei does not have integration with Twitter?

Twitter announced drastic changes to its API that directly impact its functionality within Reportei. The official announcement was made on March 29, 2023 by Twitter. With the change, they will discontinue the old API, which we currently have access to, by April 25, 2023, and only the 3 new plans launched will be available:

  1. Free – no access to Analytics;
  2. $100/month – no access to Analytics;
  3. Over $40,000/month (Enterprise Plan) – has access to Analytics.

In the API that is being discontinued, Twitter allowed access to Analytics for up to 2 million tweets per month. Although it was limited, it was possible to serve Premium plan customers. However, with this change, to maintain integration with Twitter, we would need to hire the Enterprise plan, and unfortunately, paying over $40,000 per month is not financially viable. For this reason, we have no choice but to discontinue Twitter integration in Reportei.

We are reaching out to Twitter and explaining the context of Reportei to them. If the company changes its position regarding these new API plans, we will resume integration. This issue not only affects Reportei, but hundreds of other companies that are also striving to be heard on Twitter.

You can read below content from other channels that show the impact of this API discontinuation on other apps:

Twitter Ads will continue to work normally, and the changes only apply to Twitter.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team via chat. =)

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