The account I want to connect to did not appear. What should I do?

The first step is to make sure the account you are connecting to has administrator access to the account you want to integrate. That is, in the case of Google Analytics, you need to connect with an account that has access to Analytics that is configured to collect data from the website you want to analyze.

This applies to all existing integrations in Reportei! We need permission from an account that has this access as an administrator for data to be sent via API. We explained more about the need and importance of access permissions in this other post. =)

In the case of Facebook and Instagram, the lack of permission affects the sending of page and account information to Reportei. Removing certain permissions may prevent an account from appearing here. So, if you’re having trouble integrating because your Facebook pages or Instagram accounts don’t appear, see this post.

Any other questions talk to our support team via chat!

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (UTC/GMT -03:00) América/São Paulo)

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