Instagram Reports and Instagram Ads Reports

Create Instagram reports and Instagram Ads reports in just 3 seconds on Reportei


In just a few clicks and just three seconds generate full Instagram reports and Instagram Ads reports on Reportei and analyze the main results of your campaigns with more agility and practicality.

No more stress every month! With our software you have access to professional and personalized social media reports and digital marketing reports, and no more time is spent gathering information manually. Consequently, you will have more availability to direct efforts towards your product or service, improve communication with your customer and leverage your strategies on social media!

Analyze the main Instagram metrics on Reportei

In Instagram for Business report, you can find the main metrics to analyze the performance of your actions on this social network:

  • Number of followers;
  • New followers;
  • General and post reach;
  • General and post impressions;
  • Profile views;
  • Total profile clicks;
  • Engagement of posts;
  • Likes per posts;
  • Comments on posts;
  • Posts that have been saved.

To complement these metrics you also have access to graphs and tables about information on impressions, reach, profile views, audience and, of course, featured posts.

In addition through our Instagram Story report, you can check the results obtained by one of the most relevant tools in the production of content for social media.

About the performance of your stories, you’ll find important metrics like: number of stories, total story impressions, average reach and average retention for a story.

But it is also possible to analyze the stories that were most highlighted in the period individually. See what is the interaction data for the followers you find in the report:

  • Impressions;
  • Reach;
  • Replies;
  • Exits;
  • Taps to move forward;
  • Taps to go back.

Generate Instagram reports in a few clicks

Did you see how easy it is to stay on top of the results obtained on Instagram? Generate your Instagram reports right now and check all the details of Reportei up close!


Reports for Instagram: present data to your customer in a more practical way

Present in the daily lives of more than 1500 agencies, freelancers and companies, Reportei allows you to generate unlimited, professional and personalized reports to facilitate the communication of results with your clients.

Therefore our Instagram report have the most important information to demonstrate whether your strategy was a success or not, and what actions will be planned to obtain an even better performance in the future.

To reflect the data in an objective and fully didactic way, you have some resources that adapt perfectly to your reality and that of your client, such as:

  • Add, remove or reorder metrics according to what is most relevant to the project and the decision maker;
  • Add one or more analyzes (with texts, videos and photos) to each topic of the report, if you want to interpret the data and explain in more detail any results obtained;
  • Create a Timeline to expose, in a more visual way, what actions were taken at each stage of a given campaign and which returns were achieved;
  • Download Reports in PDF format;
  • Send reports to clients via a link;
  • Send reports to clients in few clicks via WhatsApp.

What are you waiting for? Generate your Instagram report right now and test the Reported free for three days!


In addition to Instagram reports you can also generate reports for Facebook and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Mailchimp and RD Station. Find the ideal plan for your projects and generate complete, personalized and objective reports for your clients!