Understanding YouTube Data in Reportei

You may have noticed that when generating a report in Reportei, depending on the selected date for analysis, the message appears: “the data from some integrations may be limited according to the analysis period and this can interfere with the report.”

This happens because we inform about the limitation of some networks regarding the return of data. In the case of YouTube, for example, there is a limitation in obtaining real-time data through the official API. This network only returns data from up to 3 days ago (considering the current day), and the same occurs with Google My Business and Google Search Console.

The YouTube API, responsible for providing information to third-party services like Reportei, has a restriction that impacts the accuracy of the data in the last 3 days. This means that if you are selecting to view the data of a report up to the current day, it is important to understand that Reportei may not have access to the most recent data from the last 3 days. This can result in small differences between what is displayed in the report and what you see directly on the YouTube interface.

This limitation does not mean that the reports from Reportei are inaccurate, but rather that they may not reflect extremely recent events. We recommend waiting 3 days to generate the report for the desired period, so that the data will already be consolidated.

We hope this explanation helps clarify why there may be differences in data between Reportei reports and the YouTube interface.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact our team via support chat. =)

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