How to enable two-factor authentication in Google Ads

In order to integrate and generate reports for a Google Ads account, this specific account and the Google email account that will be used in the integration in Reportei, must be at the same “level” of authentication.

This means that if the “client X” account has 2-step verification, you will also need to set up 2-step verification on the Google email account used for the integration (email that has access to this client’s account) .

Two-factor authentication ensures that only heavily verified users have access to their Google accounts. If it is required for that specific account, all users who wish to integrate it must have their Google accounts enrolled in 2-step verification.

To enable this verification, visit this link:

Or if you prefer, you can also remove two-step verification from both accounts. So both accounts need to be at the same security level, otherwise Google does not pass on the data for security reasons.

As soon as you enable or disable authentication on both accounts, simply remove and re-integrate the account in Reportei. That way you will be able to generate reports normally! =)

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