What is the meaning of Instagram Stories metrics?

The Instagram story can be an amazing tool to engage and interact with your followers. But how to analyze if you have good results? ūü§Ē

In Reportei’s report you can see some metrics about Stories and in this article we’ll explain each one of them so you can analyze them!

The metrics on Story are:

  • Reach: is the unique amount of people who have viewed your story on Instagram.
  • Impressions: refer to the number of times your content was displayed to someone, and it is possible for the same person to be counted several times.
  • Forwards: it shows the number of people who advanced your story to see the next one.
  • Taps Back: Shows how many people clicked back on your story.
  • Exits: Shows the number of people who left your story (dragged it down and scrolled through the feed again) or who jumped to another profile’s stories.
  • Retention: retention is a metric that Reportei calculates and represents the visualization of your stories without the user leaving or moving on to a story in another account (if you move on to the next story in your own account, it is considered as retained).
  • Replies: Shows the number of responses that story has had.

These are the metrics for each Story, and we also provide an overview with the sum of data from Stories in the period. =D

It is worth remembering that Instagram has limitations, so if you have just integrated the Reportei account today or recently, we will not have data to show about Stories or Followers. Instagram does not pass on retroactive data for these metrics, and they also do not pass on any data on story clicks on the link, polls, question boxes. But we are always following updates to add the new metrics available. =D

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