10 Creative Email Marketing Examples to Inspire You

10 Creative Email Marketing Examples to Inspire You

Check out our email marketing examples and get ideas to shine in your campaigns and workflows!

Good email campaigns are extremely important for those who want to succeed in digital marketing, as they help strengthen the relationship with the audience and actively contribute to the journey that the lead goes through.

However, in a routine increasingly full of information and a highly competitive inbox, how can you ensure that you will attract the attention of your potential customer?

In this article, we have selected 10 email marketing examples to help you plan truly relevant and creative content to increase connection with your base. Check it out!

Good Email Content Makes a Difference in Your Relationship with Leads

Although frequently many question the efficiency of emails in an Inbound Marketing strategy, the truth is that, now more than ever, this content model becomes essential to strengthen relationships and assist leads in moving down the sales funnel.

This is because email campaigns are extremely versatile and can be used at all stages of the buying journey, from problem discovery to the consumer’s final decision.

But, for them to really work, it’s necessary to have creativity and produce content that is attractive and well-aligned with the persona’s needs. For this, some tips are fundamental, such as:

  • Personalizing the text with variables (name, company, among others) to make the content more valuable and exclusive for the recipient;
  • Segmenting the lead base to deliver the right content to the right people, taking into account their interests;
  • Betting on a highly attractive title that induces the lead to open your email;
  • Planning persuasive content, but that is also clear and leads to a specific action. After all, your email should have a goal that makes the sending strategic;
  • Good design also helps make the content valuable. It doesn’t need to be super detailed, but well-done layout greatly enhances the information disclosed.

10 Email Marketing Templates to Inspire You

Now that you know the main tips for creating successful campaigns, it’s time to check out 10 email marketing examples to gain inspiration and bet on creativity. See below the templates according to the most relevant objectives:


Our first example of email marketing could not be anything else! Wishing a warm welcome to a lead who has just arrived at your base is the start of a successful relationship.

This email can be used both for someone who has just purchased a product or subscribed to a service and for someone who is entering your base at the top of the funnel. In the latter case, it’s important to create a trigger for the lead to advance in the funnel, but without forcing a sale.


You know those disengaged leads who haven’t opened or interacted with your emails for a long time? Know that personalized content for them can encourage them to engage again with your brand or even to start buying from you again (especially if it serves or targets an e-commerce).

Among the most used strategies for this type of campaign are the selection of attractive content, exclusive discount coupons, and generally, messages that are humorous or aligned with the theme of “missing you.”

Promotional for SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies generally fall into the category of those that invest most in Inbound Marketing and, consequently, develop relationships via email with their leads.

But, much more than nurturing flows, this type of business must work strategic email marketing campaigns to turn qualified leads into opportunities and opportunities into customers.

Through personalized promotional content for these segments, it is possible to deliver exclusive discounts, extend the trial period, or take advantage of dates like Black Friday.

Promotional for E-commerce

Just like with SaaS, a good marketing strategy for e-commerce also needs email campaigns to relate with customers and, mainly, encourage re-purchase.

For this, companies with virtual stores send frequently promotional content to their customers, such as discount coupons, featured offers on the site, and product tips aligned with important dates of the year, like Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas.


You know when a customer is close to finalizing a purchase, but for some reason does not complete the order or service subscription? Then one of the most relevant strategies in these cases, to try to continue the sale, is the sending of retention content.

One of the most common, as shown in the email marketing example below, is the cart abandonment email, which aims to make the customer return to the e-commerce.

But it is also possible to plan automation flows and send emails to recover lost opportunities, reminding the benefits of your product/service and offering an additional advantage to conclude the purchase.

Promotion of Courses and Webinars

In addition to being great sources of capturing good leads for your business, webinars, courses, and other events are a great way to strengthen relationships, offer knowledge to your base, and of course, generate more sales.

And one of the most effective ways to increase the dissemination of these contents and keep the registrants informed about all the news is through good email marketing models.

Offer of Rich Material

Just as it is done with a webinar or course, email campaigns are also essential to increase the dissemination when rich material is launched, whether it is an e-book, infographic, or any other content created to attract new leads and relate with the old ones.

A good example of email marketing in this style, like the one we added below, brings an introduction about the topic of the material, generates important questions, and offers a very clear CTA to encourage conversion.


The transactional email is the one that delivers to the leads information already expected by them, be it rich material, confirmation of an order, password change, profile update, among others.

This model of email marketing is usually short and very direct, as the contact wants the company to go straight to the point and deliver what was requested. Moreover, this sending should be fast, as the lead will eagerly await the arrival of the content.


One of the oldest and most effective strategies to maintain a good relationship with leads, in addition to increasing brand authority, is sending informative campaigns, such as newsletters.

This model gathers various types of content: company news, the latest blog articles, video promotions, and other relevant materials.

The most important thing about informative emails is to have periodicity, as this is the only way to maintain engagement.

Special for Commemorative Dates

Finally, but no less important, are the special email marketing models, which focus on commemorative dates and are very important to conquer even more your base of leads.

This is because people like to be remembered and feel closer to the brands during these times. But attention: in addition to working with content personalization, it’s necessary to be very careful with the audience segmentation, to avoid congratulating someone on a day that has no relation to them.

How to Know If My Email Campaigns Have Reached Their Goals?

By analyzing your results, of course! Metrics such as Open Rate, Click Rate, and Number of Unsubscribes have a lot to say about the success of your email marketing strategies.

The Open Rate, for example, reveals how much the subject of your campaign managed to attract the leads to access the content, while the Click Rate helps to measure the quality of your pieces, CTAs, texts, and everything that is favorable to direct the reader to other channels.

Moreover, when your results are below expectations, it’s important to review the audience segmentation, to ensure that you are really sending the right message to the right contact. The better segmented, the more chances to increase your results!

Days of the week and times also interfere with how much your audience will interact, and some platforms have even tested intelligent sending models to facilitate the delivery of emails at the right moment. Therefore, it’s worth keeping an eye on this.

But much more than following all these results, it’s necessary for you to make the necessary changes according to each type of email campaign to understand what really works with your audience. Additionally, you can also conduct A/B tests to arrive at more conclusive answers.

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