17 International Certified Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Courses in International Platforms

We have prepared a packed list of online Digital Marketing courses. Note that all courses listed here are free and certified! So you can save your money and secure your Christmas gifts or invest in your career.

There are several options for introductory, advanced, short or long courses, all in English. The signup link is at the end of each tip. Study hard!

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Statistics and data analysis

Google Ads Report: Stay tuned to Reportei’s new feature

The Google Ads report (one of the most anticipated features of all time) recently came at Reportei to make your digital marketing analytics even more complete.

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From AdWords to Google Ads: Understand the change made in the tool

Google AdWords was renamed Google Ads. Far beyond the name change, this tool has gained new features. Learn about it

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SEM x SEO: what are the differences between these two strategies

In digital marketing, it is very common to ask ourselves what is the ideal strategy to achieve better results engine rankings and get to the SEM x SEO clash.

The difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very simple, but it can cause some misconceptions, especially for anyone who is just starting to invest or work in the field.

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Know the 5 main challenges to Agencies in Digital Marketing

Knowing the main challenges in Digital Marketing agencies is a good step to who aims to grow in this area that gained great popularity throughout the job market.

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7 SEO Tools for Agencies: Free and Paid

Mainly by helping to define effective strategies and improve results more quickly, SEO tools have become an extremely important information base for agencies developing site optimization and content production projects.

After all, without acquiring data and suggestions for improvements that many of them offer, it’s harder to get out of the dark and find the right answers to the needs of your customers.

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