Search Console report: 3 tips to improve your position on Google

The Search Console report, which arrived at Reportei in early 2020, is an essential tool for evaluating the performance of your site on Google.

In addition to helping to understand better your presence in the search engine’s organic results, this functionality also offers input to generate optimizations and make your content more attractive.

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Google My Business report: check out the new feature from Reportei

Yes, Reportei does not stop launching incredible new features! We’ve already talked about the Search Console report here, and now is the time to show you everything you need to know about the brand new Google My Business report.

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Google Search Console report: 4 metrics to analyze in Reportei

Now, Reportei has another incredible feature to assist in the performance and optimization analyzes of your website or your client: the Google Search Console report.

This tool, which has become increasingly essential for the work of a digital marketer, offers critical information about a website’s traffic, its performance in Google searches, and how users reach it.

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Google Analytics Referral Spam: What is it and how to remove it

Recently, while trying to help a Reportei customer with issues with their report data, we came across an issue previously unknown to our team: Google Analytics Referral Spam. Our customer’s question was related to a suspicious traffic source that appeared in their report, pointing out that something could be wrong with their analysis.

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Statistics and data analysis

Google Ads Report: Stay tuned to Reportei’s new feature

The Google Ads report (one of the most anticipated features of all time) recently came at Reportei to make your digital marketing analytics even more complete.

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Google Ads Optimization

6 tips to Optimize Google Ads Campaigns

Currently, Google Ads campaigns are one of the most critical conversion tools for those who work or invest in digital marketing.

However, due to factors such as competition and even the difficulty of creating an attractive message to the public, sometimes the ads served can fail to deliver the results expected by the company and end up distancing themselves from the business objectives.

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3 Tips to Generate a Google Ads Report

The future of Google Ads Reports
In addition to making it easy to analyze campaign and ad performance, the Google Ads Report also has the goal of displaying the media investments in a more transparent way for the client.

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