AI-Powered CRM Reports: Discover How to Generate Them in Reportei

AI-Powered CRM Reports: Discover How to Generate Them in Reportei

Explore the benefits of using artificial intelligence to analyze CRM reports and how to access this feature through Reportei

The analysis stage of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) reports is crucial for gaining insights and improving your sales management planning. But with so much data available, how can metrics be analyzed more efficiently and accurately?

One of the most widely used tools for this purpose today is artificial intelligence (AI), which not only helps optimize the time of marketing professionals but also provides a holistic view of data across various digital channels.

Thus, we have prepared this article to introduce the benefits of AI in the CRM report analysis process and how to utilize it within Reportei itself. Continue reading to find out!

How to Generate More Efficient CRM Reports with AI?

To simplify the creation of CRM reports – and others – with artificial intelligence, Reportei offers the ability to generate automatic analyses with AI.

This means Reportei AI, as it is called within our platform, allows creating a comprehensive report from scratch to access not only the metrics of each integrated network but also textual interpretations of these results and insights for future plans.

As a result, analysts ensure significant time savings in report creation and prevent overlooking important information – since the AI dissects all data present in the template and performs a more precise cross-referencing between them.

This enables analysts to have more time to focus on the strategic part of the project and on proposing actions to achieve their goals, ensuring a more efficient routine for everyone involved in sales management and the company’s marketing.

Moreover, Reportei AI helps keep customer data secure and centralized on a single platform. Thus, there is no risk of using the information for feeding the AI tool itself, as can happen in the case of generating marketing analyses directly through ChatGPT, for example.

Next, you will find the complete benefits of creating CRM reports with AI and which ones you can generate within Reportei. Let’s go?

Benefits of Generating CRM Reports with Artificial Intelligence

Generating CRM reports with AI offers several benefits for marketing agencies and companies. Among the main ones, it’s worth highlighting:

  • Advanced Analysis: as artificial intelligence can analyze large volumes of data more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods. This allows for a deeper understanding of customer behavior, purchase patterns, and market trends.
  • Accurate Predictions: AI algorithms can assist in making more precise predictions about the future of the account, enabling anticipation of needs, identification of opportunities, and improved strategic decision-making.
  • Anomaly Pattern Detection: with a good tool at hand, it becomes easier to identify unusual behaviors and obstacles within your sales management strategy, contributing to the early resolution of problems.
  • Improved Customer Experience: with deeper insights into customer behavior, companies can personalize their interactions, providing a more relevant and satisfying experience.
  • Sales Funnel Optimization: artificial intelligence can analyze funnel data to identify bottlenecks, optimization opportunities, and friction points, helping improve the efficiency of sales and marketing teams.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: reports generated with AI provide more reliable and relevant data to support strategic decisions, reducing the reliance on “intuition” for project development.

In summary, the application of artificial intelligence in generating CRM reports provides a significant competitive advantage, allowing companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and operations. As a result, access to more informed decisions, increased efficiency, and improved customer service is possible.

What CRM Reports Can Be Generated with AI in Reportei?

Reportei’s artificial intelligence enables the creation of automatic analyses in all available integrations on the platform, whether they are CRM, marketing automation, paid traffic, or social networks.

To use the tool, just select the option to create the report with AI when configuring it. All accounts can test the feature, but there are specific plans for those who want to expand these analyses throughout the month.

Regarding CRM integrations, there are four that stand out on our platform and can have their reports analyzed with AI: HubSpot CRM, RD Station CRM, and Pipedrive. Below, we talk about each of them:

HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM report offers comprehensive metrics to enhance the analysis of your sales strategies, providing a detailed view of your actions’ performance.

In just a few seconds, our tool captures the most relevant information from your account and can deliver a complete AI analysis, facilitating data interpretation, gaining valuable insights, and enabling agile decision-making.

That is, you can understand how the business created and closed is progressing, conversion rates, revenue earned, performance of tasks performed by salespeople, and much more!

RD Station CRM

Another CRM report that stands out on our platform is RD Station’s. After all, for those who use RD’s marketing and sales management tools together, there is the possibility to monitor lead capture and opportunities in an even more integrated way.

By combining this advantage with Reportei’s artificial intelligence resource, you can perform a more agile and precise analysis of the salespeople’s actions and strategies applied during the period – optimizing the customer journey and achieving more valuable results.


Undoubtedly, Pipedrive is one of the most used CRMs in the market, helping to boost the productivity of commercial teams in various countries. Therefore, it could not be left out of our CRM reports.

In this integration, you closely monitor the main metrics for an in-depth analysis of your actions’ performance, with complete data on the sales funnel, leads in negotiation, wins and losses, and activities carried out by salespeople.

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CRM and Digital Marketing Analyses in One Place!

In addition to accessing the complete metrics of these three CRM reports and the possibility of generating analyses with artificial intelligence, Reportei also offers another advantage to its customers: closely monitoring sales and marketing results in one place.

This enables an integrated view of the data and a complete evaluation of the strategies adopted at all funnel stages, identifying more quickly what needs more attention from the involved teams.

Therefore, take the opportunity to access your account or conduct a free test on Reportei to access the artificial intelligence functionality and other features!

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