Black Friday: 9 tips to help you get ready

Black Friday: 9 tips to help you get ready
Here are some digital marketing tips for Black Friday 2022 to help you get the best results

Here are some digital marketing tips for Black Friday 2022 to help you get the best results

Black Friday is one of the busiest commercial dates in Brazil and the rest of the world, and it’s getting closer! Black Friday takes place in the last week of November (the 25th of 2022) and is far more than a single day, as campaigns can run over a few weeks or even the entire month.

But no matter how long a campaign runs, one thing’s for sure: digital marketing is crucial to gaining publicity and making successful sales. 

We’ve put together this article with nine digital marketing tips for your Black Friday to help you plan strategies and ensure the best results. Keep reading!

Black Friday 2022: Are you ready?

Whether for e-commerce, SaaS, sales in physical stores, or other types of business, Black Friday 2022 is the perfect opportunity to increase revenue and reinforce your brand digitally.  

According to a survey by All iN | Social Miner, in 2021, the total revenue of Black Friday was a whopping 5.41 billion reais on Thursday and Friday alone (the 25th and 26th of November). That’s 5.8 percent over 2020. 

Besides that, a couple more figures stood out, such as:

  • A 6,4% increase in average tickets compared to 2020 and 11.8% over 2019;
  • 61.1% of all visitors used smartphones to access websites;
  • A 13.3% growth compared to all previous Black Fridays and 5.6% over 2020.
  • A 375% increase in advertising of promotions via networks;
  • A leap of 234.45% in ad investments for the state of São Paulo alone;
  • A 4.38% increase in the repurchase rate shows how important it is to encourage customer loyalty.

In other words, Black Friday shows continual promise for many businesses. 

But if you want your business to be a part of these positive stats in 2022 and get better results this Black Friday, you’ll need to do better than rushed, last-minute promotions and plan ahead of time for higher sales.

That goes from analyzing previous data to planning new campaign strategies for the year, considering the digital environment carefully, expanding your reach, and getting your ads to a bigger audience. 

9 marketing tips for Black Friday

We’ve chosen 9 handy marketing tips for Black Friday to help you set up each campaign stage. Check them out!

1. Analyze last year’s data

To start putting together your Black Friday campaigns for 2022, you’ll need to first analyze your past results (if you’ve run Black Friday campaigns before). 

List your metrics for every funnel stage, from website hits to sales. In addition to your sales volume and total revenue, it’s fundamental to understand your conversion rate, profit, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Then you can understand where your strategy hit the mark and what you need to improve for this year, which will guide your new strategies and increase the return of your actions. 

2. Consider the consumer journey when putting together your strategies

Along with evaluating your past campaigns, delve deeper into your customer’s journey, understand their pain points, needs, and goals, and what solutions your product can offer.

Because it isn’t just your Black Friday discounts that lead to sales, is it? Nowadays, it’s clear that customer behavior is marked by choices towards purchasing that follow a complex path, moving through different moments, channels, moments of evaluation, and other factors.

3. Get your site ready for a high volume of visitors

Another thing to consider when planning is whether your website is ready for a high volume of visitors (especially e-commerce). 

Run a general check-up to see whether your site can support a high traffic volume. Check if there is anything you can do to provide a better user experience and if the interface is suitable for mobile devices.

Black Friday 2021 data shows those are the most popular devices for researching products and shopping.

4. Plan actions to “warm customers up” for Black Friday

This year, give your audience a “Black Friday warm-up” to get potential customers ready to buy when the time comes.

Take advantage of the days leading up to Black Friday to promote your sales through social networks, ads, and e-mails. In fact, many brands release promotions gradually, which leads to more sales during the month.

5. Create exclusive offers for those who are already customers

Black Friday is much more than attracting new customers. It’s also an opportunity to encourage the loyalty of existing customers who might purchase from you again.

In fact, this is a perfect strategy for e-commerce or services that involve upgrades. For example, consider exclusive offers, gifts, and discounts to help strengthen the relationship and make it last.

6. Invest in ad campaigns

For a successful Black Friday, invest in ads for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other popular channels. That’s how you’ll reach shoppers, whether or not they’re buying for the first time. 

But bear in mind that Black Friday is a highly competitive date. So setting aside a budget toward those campaigns makes a major difference in getting your brand to stand out.

7. Use email marketing to interact with leads

If you have a lead base, take advantage of it! Promote your Black Friday sales through email marketing. Since they’re familiar with your brand and have interacted with it at some point, this can make them more likely to buy when it’s time.

You can also use tools to segment your lead base and distribute content according to the funnel stages and qualification levels.

8. Use Black Friday to capture leads

Speaking of managing leads, Black Friday 2022 can be an opportunity to boost your lead capture so you can have more contacts to interact with later.

Even if a lead doesn’t take advantage of a sales promotion and convert right away, they’ve shown enough interest in your brand to be a potential business opportunity later.

9. Monitor your results in real time

And last, let’s not forget how crucial it is to monitor results in real-time to gauge how successful your actions are and improve your campaigns when you need to.

To do that, we recommend using Reportei’s dashboards. They’re like reports you can update anytime, which makes it easier to convey metrics to your clients or decision-maker. 

Our dashboards allow all available integrations, and you can customize them to prioritize the most relevant data for analysis.

Use Reportei’s control feature to monitor your goals more closely and speed up decision-making toward the absolute success of your Black Friday campaigns.

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