How to grow on TikTok in 2023

How to grow on TikTok in 2023
The Chinese Social Network has been steadily gaining momentum in digital marketing. But do you know how to make a profile through TikTok growth in 2023?

The Chinese Social Network has been steadily gaining momentum in digital marketing. But do you know how to make a profile through TikTok growth in 2023? Check out these five tips!

For influencers or business profiles on TikTok, one of the main goals is to increase engagement and use the platform to reach a wider audience. But what’s fundamental to growing your TikTok profile in 2023?

We’ve put together what you need to know in this article to help you benefit from trends on the network and use TikTok as one of your primary points of contact with your audience. Keep reading!

How to grow on TikTok in 2023

As with other social networks, it takes devotion and frequent posting to develop a presence on TikTok. 

However, more than producing weekly content, it’s handy to know how to use resources and trends on the network to your advantage. We’ve listed 5 tips below to boost your profile’s activity and help you grow on TikTok in 2023. Check it out!

1. Create high-quality, original content

First, producing heaps of content is pointless if it doesn’t actually engage your followers, right? So, originality and quality are the order of the day if you want to move your profile along in 2023.

The more you incorporate TikTok’s editing features and fun style into your videos, the more your posts will stand out from the “ordinary” posts in a user’s daily feed.

2. Keep up with TikTok trends

Speaking of creativity, one way to get creative with your videos is to jump onto TikTok trends. Not only are they ever present on the network, but they enable content creators to go viral. Dances, dubbing, challenges, and other ideas draw attention from followers and increase your reach as they come with their own set of hashtags.

But even if you use trends to increase your engagement rate, you need to know how to choose them. They should be in line with your business. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon without considering quality and originality (like we said before).  

3. Interact with followers

Another thing that contributes to your profile’s growth on TikTok in 2023 is interacting with followers. After all, replying to comments and other interactions is what you want to do to build a connection with your audience. 

You can also team up with other profiles that have a high engagement rate and produce content that will help you develop your presence on social networks (these can be influencers or other business accounts).

4. Use hashtags

As we said before, hashtags are a great way of reaching a wider audience because they indicate the subject and trends of your content is related to. 

But remember to use hashtags that make sense to your brand and content. You can use TikTok’s features and tools for monitoring hashtags to boost efficiency.

5. Understand what works with your audience

Finally, to grow on TikTok, you’ll need to keep updated on analyzing your strategies and content to find what really resonates with your followers and draws more.

It’s good to generate reports from time to time to analyze attractive content, the most popular formats, and trends that relate to your brand. 

You can count on Reportei for that! Our TikTok report includes data on reach, interactions, and videos that stood out the most during a specified period. That will help you plan more efficient actions for the network.

Example of a Reportei TikTok report

Our tool automates metric data capture leaving you free to focus on what matters: analysis and strategic decision-making. 

Request your free 3-day trial now and find out how we can help your business grow on TikTok in 2023!

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