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Selecionamos 8 Métricas do Instagram Business que você pode utilizar para analise o crescimento e o resultado da sua estratégia.
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Selecionamos 8 Métricas do Instagram Business que você pode utilizar para analise o crescimento e o resultado da sua estratégia.
If you produce content for a website or a blog you may have already encountered the following situation: you think of an interesting agenda, try to write a full text, do keyboard research, optimize content for SEO, everything perfect, the way it should be.Later you analyze the metrics of your post and see that its reach is much lower than you expected. That is, few people have found and read that carefully made content. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?
Mainly by helping to define effective strategies and improve results more quickly, SEO tools have become an extremely important information base for agencies developing site optimization and content production projects.After all, without acquiring data and suggestions for improvements that many of them offer, it's harder to get out of the dark and find the right answers to the needs of your customers.
Do you, a freelance or professional in the field, have ever stopped to think that digital marketing is a process? By following the steps of this methodology it is also possible to achieve various goals, according to what you most need for a particular marketing plan.We can define as "process" a sequential set of actions for a common purpose. A football player, for example, goes through a set of activities and training to improve performance in the field. (Calm down, I'll explain where we want to go!)
As we have said in other posts here on Reportei's blog, metrics are very important measurement systems for measuring and evaluating the performance of your social media strategies. However, with so many social networks that, in turn, count on several metrics, it is normal to be confused by some important terms when analyzing the data present in social media reports.
With the evolution of studies and planning of actions directed to the digital media, the tools for analysis of the competition is gaining more and more important in the lives of the marketers.
If you have been following the Reportei’s blog, you should have seen our latest posts, where we talked about the importance of defining a Digital Marketing Plan and also the personas in your strategy.After these two initial ― and crucial ― steps, you can already manage the next steps in your marketing plan. Creating a blog is one of the first steps taken in many successful strategies. Do you know why?