Digital marketing plan goals

Do you, freelance or professional in the field, have ever stopped to think that digital marketing is a process? By following this methodology’s steps, it is possible to achieve various goals according to what you most need for a particular marketing plan. We can define “process” as a sequential set of actions for a common purpose. A football player, for example, goes through a set of activities and training to improve performance on the field. (Calm down, I’ll explain where we want to go!)

Do I know my goal (or the client’s)?

If you are self-employed or have multiple small clients, you may have felt the need to plan the basic structure of a digital marketing plan. This procedure is correct because there are those crucial steps that must be followed in any strategy.

Before even getting your hands dirty, it is necessary to delimit the goals of the strategy in the digital marketing plan to align the actions required for them. This post will show some of the most common purposes of those who use the Internet for advertising their product, idea, or service.

Avoid the main mistake.

Before you begin, pay attention because you may have come across such a situation: a customer hires your service and says that he/she wants 1000 likes on his/her Facebook Page, for example.

In these situations, the mistake is to aim for only one numerical goal without thinking about what it represents. One of the advantages of working on the Internet is the ease of acquiring and measuring data. However, utilize these metrics in a way that they become indicators in your analysis – not the results themselves. Now, let’s get to the goals!

1. Increase the number of sales

We start with it, the reason marketing exists! It may seem like a simple goal to pursue, but if that is your contractor’s priority, much of the strategy should be to attract and convert new customers.

Marketing is not just about sales actions; in the digital world, it is mainly about Inbound Marketing, where companies present themselves in a more targeted way to attract potential clients.

Directly or indirectly, any action of your strategy increases the chances of selling since rarely anything is sold without a minimum of promotion.

Recommended actions: focus on CTAs and landing pages; provide effective support; if possible, consider online paid advertising options.

2. Increase awareness and visibility

Brand awareness and visibility are two complementary aspects: by increasing the visibility of a brand, the public is expected to be more aware of it. (Who would not want to be “Top of Mind”?)

Blogs and websites are perfect for those who want to improve on this issue: frequent and relevant content attracts the attention of new and old users! In addition, you can extend the reach of this content using social networks to spread it.

Mainly in social networks, it is important to know how to differentiate the total reach and the number of impressions so as not to be confused when reporting the number of users who viewed a publication. Read our post “Reach x Impressions” and understand these metrics once and for all.

Recommended actions: Pay attention to the SEO of the blog or main website; be present – and in a relevant way – in the main social networks used by you.

3. Relate to the public

One of the digital marketing plan’s overall goals is to relate to the public – be it with followers, old customers, those unknown so far, collaborators, and so on.

Securing a good relationship is essential for long-term customer loyalty. With simple actions, you show that you have much more to offer than just a simple offer or product, thus creating enthusiasts who spread your content to more users.

Recommended actions: encourage participation in the blog and the posts on social networks; respond to comments and questions; send newsletters with educational content.

4. Educate the market

If your customer is in a specific market, you have a unique product or an innovative solution; he may want to educate your consumers, either to ensure their best experience or to reach the interest of more people.

By doing digital marketing in smaller niches, it is easier to become an influence on social networks, so put a lot of effort into the content and be a reference in the subject!

Recommended actions: invest in producing e-books and whitepapers, which are complete content; promote webinars periodically.

5. Create differentiation

Unlike the previous example, there are companies in inflated markets. In such cases, one of the goals of the marketing plan strategy may be to create differentiation to get ahead of the competition, which is innumerable.

There are examples of fan pages that can be classified as “a point out of the curve” and have become successful cases (remember the Curitiba City Hall? The Cemitério Jardim da Ressurreição?)

Recommended actions: the word here is creativity. It is worth daring a little more; invest in dynamic and relaxed content, always according to the persona chosen.

Stay tuned to Reportei’s blog! We will soon bring you specific content for you to plan your actions on blogs and social networks. If you do not know us yet, click here!

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