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Google AdWords was renamed Google Ads. Far beyond the name change, this tool has gained new features. Learn about it
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Google AdWords was renamed Google Ads. Far beyond the name change, this tool has gained new features. Learn about it
The future of Google Ads Reports In addition to making it easy to analyze campaign and ad performance, the Google Ads Report also has the goal of displaying the media investments in a more transparent way for the client.
In digital marketing, it is very common to ask ourselves what is the ideal strategy to achieve better results engine rankings and get to the SEM x SEO clash.The difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very simple, but it can cause some misconceptions, especially for anyone who is just starting to invest or work in the field.
YouTube Analytics in a easy way: metrics that metters When reviewing a YouTube report, there are some metrics that are critical to understanding if your channel is on the right track. Surprisingly the most important one is not the number of video views or channel subscribers.
When we created Reportei the main problem that we were trying to solve was: how to speed up the creation of social media reports?
Quer ver bons filmes e, ao mesmo tempo, se inspirar profissionalmente? Então, confira a nossa lista com recomendações de filmes que, certamente, vão te ajudar a ser um profissional melhor.
We have discovered, through tests and experiments, that some simple, everyday actions make all the difference for the improvement of our results.In this article, we will share four good SEO practices that we have implemented on our website and have worked very well on Reportei.
Knowing the main challenges in Digital Marketing agencies is a good step to who aims to grow in this area that gained great popularity throughout the job market.
A good digital marketing strategy is based on the audience you want to reach: those who advertise in an untargeted way are losing money where there is no interest and at the same time failing to reach who has everything to become a customer.
The usage of social media is growing more and more. As a result, the need to organize the routine of a social media (a multifaceted professional that brings together a range of knowledge and work tools) also grows.