Why is important to advertise on social media?

If you produce content for a website or a blog you may have already encountered the following situation: you think of an interesting agenda, try to write a full text, do keyboard research, optimize content for SEO, everything perfect, the way it should be.

Later you analyze the metrics of your post and see that its reach is much lower than you expected. That is, few people have found and read that carefully made content. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Even if your site has a good number of followers, it can be difficult to keep increasing reach with each new post. Therefore, it is necessary to disclose what you constantly produce, either to keep the interest of those who are with you or to reach desired new followers.

Social Media:  vision beyond “reach”

Advertising on social media is an affordable way to ensure that your content has the visibility it deserves. This step is not only present in all digital marketing strategies but is one of the most important in the process.

In addition to leveraging the reach of the site or blog, social media can improve other factors of your online presence, such as:

  • Organic visibility
  • Brand/company awareness
  • Interaction with the public
  • Engagement with content
  • The number of online sales.

Spreading your production, you can also have a number of added benefits. Nevertheless, to get the best of these tools you have to plan what to do in each of them according to their particularities, as we see below.

Choose your allies well

Of all the networks available on the internet, it makes more sense to appear only in those with the largest numbers of users, right? Not always! The choice of the networks must be based on something deeper, even because reach numbers are given relatively.

Let’s think about an HR company, for example. It may be more interesting to have a strong presence on LinkedIn – a network focused on job and networking opportunities – than on Instagram, which works with an imagery appeal more focused on entertainment.

According to the 2017 Digital report, Instagram has 57 million users in Brazil, while LinkedIn has just over half: 29 million. However, for our fictitious company, LinkedIn stands a better chance of reaching specialized followers, more interested in the content it has to offer.

A good starting point is to spread the word on social media that your persona or target audience uses the most. You have not defined your person yet? Read this post on Reportei’s blog and learn how to create yours!

Your planning should be delimited by what will be posted on each of the networks because not all content fits anywhere. Use them so that they complement each other, enjoying the advantages respecting the direction and language of each one.  

Know the right moment to strike

Another tip to improve the reach and, mainly, the engagement of your posts is to know the best time to publish. The engagement factor – when users like, comment or share your posts – is closely linked to the time they are browsing the social media in question.

In this updated material of the Content Marketing blog, you will find surveys about the best times to post on each platform. However, make your own observation to find out what specific times work for you – this is, your audience.

Strike again!

Another advantage of advertising on social networks is the possibility to repost those contents that didn’t have many views or didn’t turn up so well at the time of publication. Use the repost wisely! You can schedule it on related commemorative dates, or even avail it if the subject you wrote gained evidence in the media again. Never repost repeatedly, invest that precious time in creating new content!

Now that you understand why and how to advertise on social media, it’s time to get some work done! Download our Social Media Planning Template for free and start planning the content, marketing strategies, diagnoses of online presence and more!

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