What are vanity metrics?

What are vanity metrics?
What are vanity metrics? Know what they represent for your strategy and how to use them to generate value for your customer.

Who never felt excited when they noticed that many people like a client’s page or that a photo you posted got a high number of likes? Is having many people follow you and plenty of likes that important? Are those signs that your digital marketing strategy is working?

Reactions on posts, numbers of followers, and views are known as the most common vanity metrics. They don’t give social media analysts much to work with when understanding the effectiveness of actions you performed. However, a high number of likes and followers, for example, helps make a good impression and inflates the ego.

So, when you come across a high number of likes, followers, and high click and bounce rates, it’s important to acknowledge these numbers and analyze the context that allowed for them. After all, it’s essential to monitor the growth of your social media and take the quality of your base into account. Aim to increase the number of people interested in your product/service rather than the number of people who will eventually like your posts. Your priority should be to win clients and promoters over to your brand.

What are the most common vanity metrics?

  • likes;
  • shares;
  • views;
  • click rate;
  • bounce rate;
  • app downloads etc…

Should vanity metrics be ignored?

No. However, they should not be the basis of your social media analysis. Pay more attention to metrics that “tell a story.” In other words, those that help create sales opportunities and enable you to think about actions to help your page’s visitors move forward in the conversion process.

Focus on the conversion rate, number of one-time visitors, customer acquisition cost, etc. Those will certainly provide a more solid base so you and your team can reflect on whether you are getting good results. WIn fact, we wrote a text for iClips on how to know if your social media strategy is working. It’s worth checking out!

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