Linking a Business Instagram account: why do I need a Facebook page?

We’ve written this post to explain the importance of adding a commercial profile to a Facebook page. Below is a step-by-step designed to help you through the linking process. Check it out!

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Instagram and Facebook connection

Troubleshooting issues with your Facebook and Instagram connection? Here are 4 possible solutions

Our support team often hears from clients who are having trouble connecting an account to Reportei. Many of these reports are about issues regarding Instagram and Facebook integration.

There are several factors related to these two social media platforms that may be causing errors. Because of this, we can’t always predict, monitor, or have complete control over an issue.

In any case, you must link the accounts to generate reports with Reportei. So, we’re here to offer any support our clients might need to recover that connection as efficiently as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve done lots of research, looking for references among international tools with which people have reported the same issues. We’ve reached several conclusions about the most frequent causes and identified four possible steps to help you out if you’re experiencing any of these problems as well. Ready?

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How to use Instagram’s Algorithm to your advantage: and why it is excellent for Marketing

How does Instagram Algorithm work? In this post, we will delve into details already disclosed and others that make sense. We’ll go through the factors that could influence the ranking of your content in your followers’ feed and explain why the Instagram algorithm is great for marketers.

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Retention of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories retention: what does it mean?

Essential to understanding audience engagement with your content, the Instagram Stories retention metric sometimes raises some questions about its role and is calculated in Reportei.

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Instagram guides: discover a new feature created for quarantine

Instagram Guides make it easy to curate content and are now available for selected accounts

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Instagram Shopping: Learn how to sell through the app

Instagram Shopping is a tool that is increasingly changing the relationship between brands and customers in the leading platform of photos and videos. If previously, the goal of social networking was to promote the products and the company, now it becomes an essential part of the consumer buying journey. Learn More

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Instagram Stories reports

New report for Instagram Stories

Following the integration of Instagram Business into our platform, it is time to introduce another essential tool for developing your communication with customers: the Instagram Stories report.

Increasingly, stories are gaining strength in social networks and have become a differential for proximity and engagement with the public. As a result, we couldn’t miss out on our report the metrics that help marketers understand if their strategies are working and what changes can be made to achieve better performance with these Instagram posts.

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New: How to Schedule Posts on Instagram Feed and IGTV for free

Fantastic news has come to Instagram to make life even easier for digital marketers: profiles can now be managed through the Facebook Creator Studio! Learn more.

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8 Instagram Metrics: How to measure the success of your Strategy

Selecionamos 8 Métricas do Instagram Business que você pode utilizar para analise o crescimento e o resultado da sua estratégia.

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