Instagram was created in 2010 and is currently one of the most important social media platforms. According to research, Instagram ranks as the fourth most used platform in Brazil. Although it has gone through quite a few changes, Instagram is still very relevant and strategic for raising brand awareness among your followers, driving them to engage with you, and, consequently, begin promoting your product or service. But what do you do when you notice that you’ve begun losing your Instagram followers quickly?

Check out some factors below which might be leading to your losing followers on Instagram:

Lack of content

It’s completely normal and understandable that you won’t have a lovely picture or video to post every day. However, you can solve this issue by planning your posts, preparing your content and captions in advance, and choosing the best time of day to post.

After all, if your followers never come across your posts in their timelines, why should they continue to follow you?

Excessive content – especially when it’s commercial

If not having enough content causes you to lose followers, over-posting is not a good strategy either. A user’s experience on Instagram will be jeopardized if all they see when scrolling through their feed are images from your profile. Posting in excess will annoy your followers, and they will have no other choice but to unfollow.

 Excessively commercial content is unpleasant as well and makes your profile seem over-the-top. Our advice here is to merge different styles of content you post and consider pacing your commercial posts more adequately.

Using platforms that violate Instagram’s regulations

 Instagram does not allow other platforms to use its APIs (application programming interface) to generate content automatically. Besides putting your account at risk, using these apps will attract followers that are less than ideal. These are likely to unfollow your profile shortly after, as the follower-followed relationship was not built naturally or spontaneously.

Buying Followers

In truth, buying followers means purchasing bot accounts which Instagram quickly discovers and removes. So, no matter how many followers you gain the moment you buy them, you can be sure that number will drop over time.

Remember that number of followers and likes are not the best metrics to get attached to. Focus on those that better measure how engaged and involved your followers are with your profile and posts.

Final tips to help you avoid losing followers

  • Plan the content you intend to post on your Instagram profile thoroughly, alternating between personal and professional images;
  • Use hashtags, but place them in the photo caption;
  • Get creative when producing images for your profile;
  • Always analyze the performance of your posts to find out what kind of content pleases your audience most. When it’s time to check the most relevant metrics and present them to a client, we suggest using our tool, Reportei, which generates professional social media reports in only three seconds. Try it free.

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