Reports and Dashboards How to tell them apart

Reports and Dashboards: How to tell them apart

Are Reports and Dashboards the same thing? Find out everything you need to know about these two resources and how they can help you!

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What are vanity metrics

What are vanity metrics?

What are vanity metrics? Know what they represent for your strategy and how to use them to generate value for your customer.

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Low-performing reports How to present them to clients

Low-performing reports: How to present them to clients

Presenting underperforming digital marketing reports is an unpleasant yet necessary task.

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Customized Reports how do I create one on Reportei

Customized Reports: how do I create one on Reportei?

Check out these five tips for creating and saving a customized report on Reportei.

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Google Analytics 4

You shouldn’t use Google Analytics 4 (for now)

Google has focused even more of its efforts on the analytics tool, and they’ve been putting together a new version since 2019 – Google Analytics 4.

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AB Testing what is it and when to use it

A/B Testing: what is it and when to use it

Here’s how A/B testing can improve your results on different channels

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Instagram and Facebook connection

Troubleshooting issues with your Facebook and Instagram connection? Here are 4 possible solutions

Our support team often hears from clients who are having trouble connecting an account to Reportei. Many of these reports are about issues regarding Instagram and Facebook integration.

There are several factors related to these two social media platforms that may be causing errors. Because of this, we can’t always predict, monitor, or have complete control over an issue.

In any case, you must link the accounts to generate reports with Reportei. So, we’re here to offer any support our clients might need to recover that connection as efficiently as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve done lots of research, looking for references among international tools with which people have reported the same issues. We’ve reached several conclusions about the most frequent causes and identified four possible steps to help you out if you’re experiencing any of these problems as well. Ready?

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