Reportei Academy

Reportei Academy: check out the courses on our platform!

Here’s what you need to know about Reportei Academy and Precifiquei, the first course available on our platform.

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Reports and Dashboards How to tell them apart

Reports and Dashboards: How to tell them apart

Are Reports and Dashboards the same thing? Find out everything you need to know about these two resources and how they can help you!

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What are vanity metrics

What are vanity metrics?

What are vanity metrics? Know what they represent for your strategy and how to use them to generate value for your customer.

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Updated Guide: Image Sizes for Social Media

With frequent changes in social media, it is normal to have doubts and get confused when producing the graphic and audiovisual content of the managed page or profile. Check out the Reportei template, which brings the image specifications for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube:

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YouTube Channel Analytics: 3 Key Metrics

YouTube Analytics in a easy way: metrics that metters
When reviewing a YouTube report, there are some metrics that are critical to understanding if your channel is on the right track. Surprisingly the most important one is not the number of video views or channel subscribers.

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Social Media Reports in 3 seconds?

When we created Reportei the main problem that we were trying to solve was: how to speed up the creation of social media reports?

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Reportei recommends: 5 movies that every Social Media should watch

Quer ver bons filmes e, ao mesmo tempo, se inspirar profissionalmente? Então, confira a nossa lista com recomendações de filmes que, certamente, vão te ajudar a ser um profissional melhor.

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5 Moments: The Routine of a Social Media Analyst

The usage of social media is growing more and more. As a result, the need to organize the routine of a social media (a multifaceted professional that brings together a range of knowledge and work tools) also grows.

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Reach vs Impressions: Do you know the difference between these metrics?

As we have said in other posts here on Reportei’s blog, metrics are very important measurement systems for measuring and evaluating the performance of your social media strategies. However, with so many social networks that, in turn, count on several metrics, it is normal to be confused by some important terms when analyzing the data present in social media reports.

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