Check out the main changes we made to Reportei in the first semester of 2022

Check out the main changes we made to Reportei in the first semester of 2022
New reports, free courses, manual metrics, and so much more! Find out what’s new on Reportei in 2022 so far.

New reports, free courses, manual metrics, and so much more! Find out what’s new on Reportei in 2022 so far.

2021 was a year of change for Reportei with the launch of our new report model and Reportei Academy. But 2022 has been proving even more major with great news for our clients and other professionals looking to upgrade their digital marketing skills. 

From new integrations to free certifications on our study platform, we’ve kept busy during the first half of the year and left the door wide open for a burst of soon-coming innovation.

Did anything fly under your radar? Don’t worry! We’ve listed three main changes so you don’t miss out. Keep reading to keep in the know!

Check out 3 major changes we made to Reportei

Here’s everything you need to know about our new reports, manual metrics, and Reportei Academy’s free certification.

We’re also giving you a first-hand spoiler of what to expect in the second half of 2022. Let’s get started?

1. New reports

We added a few handy new reports to Reportei during the first half of 2022, which our users were eagerly anticipating. They’re our handy reports for TikTok, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest, and Pinterest Ads. 

You can now integrate your account to these channels and generate complete reports and dashboards in a few seconds! Here’s the scoop:

TikTok and TikTok Ads

Integrating your TikTok and TikTok Ads accounts with Reportei lets you analyze your profile and posted content’s most relevant results. And all from one very convenient screen. 

You can track the performance and engagement data that TikTik Analytics provides and gain valuable insight into your campaigns and ads on TikTok Ads.

Get the inside scoop on your audience, which videos are the most attractive to users, and your content conversions.

Twitter Ads

Speaking of Twitter Ads, our ProPlan users also got their hands on Twitter Ads reports in 2022.

Integration with Twitter Ads automatically captures key data from your ad campaigns, which you can also find on the Twitter Analytics platform. 

This valuable info helps you analyze the impact of your investments in network presence and direct your paid strategies to what matters most.

Pinterest and Pinterest Ads

Adding to our team of new reports are Pinterest and Pinterest Ads reports, allowing you to closely monitor the results of your content and ads.

While the first focuses on Pin performance, reach, and engagement (individually too), the second shows your returns on campaign investments. 

It’s much more efficient and practical for capturing data leaving you free to analyze information and extract insights for both organic and paid content.

2. Manual metrics

Another way we improved our reports was by allowing users to customize them with metrics and manual charts

Besides automatically captured data, you can preset metrics to complement info, which includes settings for comparing data from previous periods. 

For some channels, you can do this by adding graphs to make your data more visual, making reports more complete and intuitive for your clients as well.

3. Free certification on Reportei Academy

After launching Reportei Academy, we added Certifiquei to the platform in 2022 with two free certifications focused on Data Driven training for Digital Marketing. They cover everything from metrics analysis to interpreting results and creating reports. 

Both courses are perfect for analysts that work for agencies or businesses, freelancers, and traffic managers. They come in handy for those seeking to make the most effective data-driven decisions and present data in formats that encourage decision-makers to engage. 

Reportei Control

Do you think that’s all? It’s absolutely not! We’ve got big plans for the second half of 2022. Check out two new releases coming very soon:

  • Our Premium Plan will prioritize customer support, onboarding meetings, and account manager;
  • Reportei Control is a new feature to help you control indicators, set campaign goals, and track ad costs.

It will be so much easier to keep a close eye on your project goals and set the most strategic periods for monitoring results, objectives, and indicators.

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