4 Good SEO practices that we tested and worked for Reportei

4 Good SEO practices that we tested and worked for Reportei
We have discovered, through tests and experiments, that some simple, everyday actions make all the difference for the improvement of our results.In this article, we will share four good SEO practices that we have implemented on our website and have worked very well on Reportei.

SEO good practices that works

Adapting to good SEO practices goes far beyond focusing on the technical improvements we find in courses and content on the internet. There is no cake recipe that improves the organic placement of websites on Google overnight that ensures the success of our strategies. But we have discovered, through tests and experiments, that some simple, everyday actions make all the difference for the improvement of our results.
In this article, we will share four good SEO practices that we have implemented on our website and have worked very well on Reportei. Maybe some of them could be the secret to your success too, right?

1.Invest first in brand authority

As much as the concern with the technical side of SEO is extremely important, there is one issue that can never be overlooked and our highest priority: brand authority.
The reputation and credibility of a company is always a differential to achieve a good organic position in Google. This is because the growth of a website starts with the gain of authority and the value it’s able to generate for its audience.
Thus, our concern with our identity and the work done with the channels that cooperate to access our website have become a priority for Reportei’s Team.
From this point of view of seeing ourselves and focusing on our branding, we become a reference for users who are looking for information on reports for social networks.
No wonder that, for example, the term “Reportei” managed to exceed, in a year, the average searches for keywords directly related to our product.
Period of analyses: August 2017 to August 2018
So if you want to improve performance in Google and increase the number of qualified visits to the websites you manage, you must first invest in branding and brand authority.

2. Value your home through copyrighting

With our efforts to adopt good SEO practices on our website, we find that nothing beats the appreciation of the brand and the product on our own homepage.
We are not just talking about attractive images or a nice and inviting layout. The secrets of success are, above all, in copywriting.
Stop and think for a minute: Do the product descriptions and main pages of the sites you manage are interesting enough to retain visitors? Do they know how to properly handle the keywords they search for in your niche?
If the answer is no to at least one of the questions, then you need to invest in copywriting right now.
The content does not have to be long and full of details, but you must present your business proposal in an objective and attractive way for your audience.
More than that, it has to respond to the queries of the persona in a more specific way, leaving it satisfied to discover that particular product or service can solve its problems.
From well-written texts, engaging titles, inviting CTA’s and the right keywords, this practice can reflect positively on both the site’s organic results and the user experience.

Explore the keywords on the main pages

In order to your copywriting strategy to work, you need to know how to explore the right keywords on your home page and in the description of your products.
Throughout your research, evaluate which ones are really relevant to your audience and the ones that have a better chance of improving your position on Google.
A good tip to highlight isto focus on the long tail keywords that are related to your segment and that are not usually taken advantage by the competition.
This combination of well-crafted content and the use of the right terms meant that our visibility increased by more than 20% in search engines over three months, according to competition analysis done at SEMrush.

3. Turn our blog posts into landing pages

One of the most important SEO best practices we’ve reviewed recently may be one of the biggest secrets to improving Google raking.
In some tests that we have done from previous experiences from our team, we have decided to withdraw information that may reflect on the performance of our articles.
The goal was to turn our posts into content that is interpreted by Google as evergreen, leaving them with no date, author, categories, and in some cases, no comments.
With this, the publications became landing pages and gained more prominence in the search engines because they are considered well-elaborated contents that have a greater durability.
Does this mean that articles that have a date of publication will not rank well? No way. The results of your SEO strategy depend on many other factors as well as we will list below.
Therefore, it’s important to remember: this is not mandatory rules that guarantees success. On the contrary, it’s a hypothesis that we are still testing.
However, according to our experiments and reviews, it has worked for Reportei and can be useful for the blogs you also manage.
Even if you choose to take the test, share your results with us later! We would love to know the practice has been implemented in your reality and other tips that also help in improving the content.

4. Analyze your website frequently to identify and fix issues

Providing a good user experience should be a priority when it comes to good SEO practices.
No one deserves to get on a page and have to wait a long time to preview your content, doesn’t it?
That’s why we constantly strive to provide the best experience for users accessing the Reportei website.
Trough practical tools like GTmetrix, we’ve been able to identify page load issues and optimize it to increase speed across all devices.
With continuous monitoring and enhancements, your page will certainly be viewed with Google’s eyes and gain more authority on the search engine.

Bonuses for good SEO practices: update and enrich your content every time!

This is a golden tip for anyone who wants to reach or keep staying in the first page of Google.
After all, anyone who doesn’t care about updating content is more likely to lose relevance and therefore disappear from search results.
That’s whyit’s worth visiting old posts from your blog and improve those that can get a better performance or grow even more in Google rankings.
Not all of them need updating, so set criteria to make it happen and always remember to go back to those content that are related to the novelties, trends and constant changes in the market in which your customers act.
If your old blog posts or your client’s blog posts are not yet suitable for good SEO practices, here’s another mission to take action now!
Rewrite them by enriching and optimizing the content. This will be a good first step in analyzing how this strategy works and what results it can generate for the blogs you manage.
Again, it’s worth pointing out that this tip, like others, is not a guarantee of success for the performance of websites or blogs.
But through well-defined actions aligned with your goals, all of the above practices can work just as well for you as they have worked for us.
Just adapt them to your reality and perform constant monitoring, always focusing on improving your strategies.
If you liked our article on good SEO practices that we implemented here in Reportei, then it’s worth checkingthe SEO toolsthat can help leverage your results.
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