Reportei AI: 5 Tips for Using the Tool

Reportei AI: 5 Tips for Using the Tool

Discover the key features of Reportei AI and learn how to leverage them in your digital marketing strategies

Reportei AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed specifically to help our clients with faster, more accurate analyses, providing valuable insights for digital marketing projects.

If you’re not yet familiar with all that it offers for analysts’ routines or how to make the most of its features, don’t worry. In this article, we explain its functionalities and present 5 tips about them. Check it out below!

What is Reportei AI?

Like many other artificial intelligence tools on the market, Reportei AI responds to the growing demand for efficiency and precision in digital marketing services.

In our case, the AI acts as an essential co-pilot in interpreting reports, providing detailed analyses and valuable insights to guide decision-making in the routine. This allows analysts not only to optimize the time spent on report production but also to focus their efforts on more efficient actions for their projects.

Among the great advantages of Reportei AI, it’s important to highlight its ability to offer an in-depth view of metrics, helping marketing professionals understand the performance of their campaigns and identify areas of opportunity.

For this, two main features are available: automatic analysis generation in reports and the AI area, which includes Paid Traffic and Instagram assistants to provide tailored insights, adapted to the specific needs of each project. Below are the details on each of these features!

Automatic Report Analysis

Automatic report analyses represent a significant advancement in how marketing professionals interpret and use data in their digital strategies.

By using this option when creating a report, you not only fill the document with automatically captured data but also receive precise interpretations of this information and its impact on the project.

The main goal of this feature is to simplify the cross-analysis of data across various social media, offering a complete view and identifying patterns to guide the planning of next actions. Here is an example of AI analysis in Reportei’s Google Ads report:

The automatically generated text can be edited and supplemented as needed, making it ideal for presenting data to clients accurately.

However, it’s important to note that, for now, automatic analysis only takes into account the metrics of the selected template. If you wish to analyze specific or “hidden” data important to the project, it is advisable to create a custom layout and save it for later use.

Traffic Management Assistant

Along with automatic report analysis, Reportei AI includes assistants that offer insights to help improve various digital marketing strategies.

One of the first to be launched was the Traffic Management Assistant, which helps to be more assertive in campaigns by providing specialized tips to optimize the performance of your ads.

The uniqueness of the insights offered by the assistant lies in its solid data foundation. This information is obtained by setting an initial goal, whether it’s a general account analysis, the desire to increase CTR (Click-Through Rate), or reduce CPC (Cost per Click).

By establishing clear goals, the assistant thoroughly analyzes the available data and provides specific and actionable recommendations to improve campaign performance.

The primary advantage of this assistant is the ability to allow you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategies in real-time, maximizing the ROI (Return on Investment) of your campaigns.

Instagram Assistant

Meanwhile, Reportei AI’s Instagram Assistant is a tool for marketing professionals looking to enhance their presence on the social network, using account data to provide precise, personalized insights for their projects.

Similar to the Traffic Management Assistant, you can set specific goals for efficient use of this feature, such as increasing brand awareness or boosting profile engagement.

In seconds, it returns with suggestions and ideas ready to be implemented. For example, it provides detailed guidance on making your content more relevant and personalized tips according to your goals.

5 Tips on Using Reportei AI

Now that you’re familiar with the details of Reportei’s artificial intelligence functionalities, it’s worth checking out 5 tips to make the most of these resources in your digital strategies. Follow along!

  1. Focus Your Time on More Assertive Decisions

With Reportei AI, you can optimize your data analysis process and free up time for more assertive decision-making in each project. That is, instead of getting lost in intricate data, you can dedicate yourself to implementing practical improvements and strategies based on solid and reliable information.

Focusing on action planning, you create room to refine your strategies, adjust campaigns, identify customer behavior patterns, and seize emerging opportunities. This not only enhances the efficiency of your operations but also boosts growth and positive impact on project outcomes.

  1. Identify the Most Troublesome Ad

Results One of the goals available in the Traffic Management Assistant is to analyze the worst metrics of campaigns over a certain period. From this, it’s possible to find the bottlenecks most hindering account development and gain insights to solve them.

In other words, this helps to detect problems more quickly and act immediately to reverse negative scenarios.

  1. Increase Return on Investment in Ads

A crucial tip about Reportei AI is to take advantage of its ability to help increase the return on investment in ads. By providing precise analyses and insights, the assistant offers a deep understanding of how your investments are being utilized and what can change in this scenario.

With the tool, you can identify patterns, trends, and opportunities that might go unnoticed in routine. This allows you to adjust your strategies in real-time, redirect investments to the most profitable areas, and eliminate unnecessary spending on less effective campaigns.

Based on concrete data, you can make informed decisions to optimize budgets, adjust audience targeting, conduct A/B testing, and identify the ideal times to run your ads.

  1. Improve Your Engagement on Instagram

Using Reportei AI, you can automatically analyze crucial data about your performance on Instagram. It provides not just basic metrics like likes and followers but dives deep into interaction patterns and content types that are most engaging for your audience.

Additionally, the platform offers personalized strategic suggestions to enhance your posts, developing a content strategy more aligned with your target audience’s preferences and behaviors. This not only increases engagement but also builds genuine, lasting relationships with your followers.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media

Finally, the Instagram Assistant can also be used to increase your brand’s awareness on the social network, considering metrics like reach, impressions, and total engagement.

Along with this, the feature helps understand which social network tools work best to connect with followers, and provides tips on post frequency and content quality.

How to Subscribe to Reportei AI?

Reportei AI is now available for testing in all accounts, with a number of AI analyses released to boost your projects, as well as access to Paid Traffic and Instagram assistants.

But, if you want to explore this feature further, we also have plans that allow access to a greater number of AI analyses on the account and unlimited insights through the AI assistants. Take the opportunity now to explore Reportei AI plans and start your free trial!

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