How Reportei’s Artificial Intelligence Helps You Generate Meta Ads Reports

How Reportei’s Artificial Intelligence Helps You Generate Meta Ads Reports

Discover Reportei’s artificial intelligence functionalities that help analyze metrics and make better decisions in Meta Ads

Beyond automatically and swiftly creating your Meta Ads reports, Reportei offers resources to generate analyses with artificial intelligence and obtain more precise insights about your investments in paid traffic.

Therefore, we’ve prepared this article to present two tools we have available to help define more efficient strategies in your projects: AI reports and traffic management assistant. Follow the details of each one below and how they work!

How to Make More Precise Meta Ads Analyses with Artificial Intelligence?

Like various other artificial intelligence solutions on the market, Reportei AI works to make the routine of marketing professionals more efficient and strategic.

For this, the tool acts as a co-pilot in interpreting the results in the reports, offering meticulous analyses to guide the daily decisions.

Thus, teams not only optimize the time dedicated to analyzing metrics but also direct their attention to making projects more efficient.

Whether with automatic analyses in the reports or with the traffic management assistant, Reportei AI delivers an in-depth view of the data, crossing information in seconds and assisting those involved in identifying opportunities for improvement.

Below, we show how each of the resources that help interpret Meta Ads data works and how they can be beneficial to your paid media strategy. Let’s go?

AI Reports

The first Reportei feature that can make all the difference to your Meta Ads strategy is the AI report, which offers automatic and comprehensive analyses of your results on the paid media platform.

This feature can be easily activated while the document is being set up. Thus, when the report is generated, it already gains a textual interpretation that crosses all the data in the layout and offers insights on the path taken in the paid traffic strategy.

In the case of Meta Ads, for example, you will have access to a text with:

  • an overview of the account performance;
  • specific analyses of the most relevant metrics highlighted in the template;
  • highlights for the campaigns that had the best performance in the period;
  • and recommendations to optimize ads and achieve better results in the future.

In other words, the functionality helps optimize the time you would spend interpreting the metrics and crossing the information, which increases the availability to think about efficient actions for the development of your projects in the digital medium.

Furthermore, it’s important to emphasize that the text made from the analysis with artificial intelligence can be edited to exclude or include information, adapting to the needs of your team or client.

Traffic Management Assistant

The second Reportei AI feature that helps make Meta Ads reports more efficient is the paid traffic management assistant. Its main goal is to contribute to the accuracy of campaigns from guidelines that help optimize the performance of the ads broadcast.

For this, the tool – accessible from the project’s homepage – delivers insights based on data from Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and, of course, Meta Ads accounts.

Upon entering the Reportei AI panel and defining the channel to be analyzed, you will be asked to choose one of four objectives, as we will show next:

General Analysis

Choosing to conduct a general analysis of the account allows access to a broader view of the results, focusing on capturing the main successes and improvement points of a specific period.

In Meta Ads, a reading of the total data of ads broadcast on Instagram and Facebook is made, highlighting the best and worst results, whether they are related to reach, engagement, or conversions.

Then, some recommendations are provided to improve or change the scenario, always thinking of a more satisfactory Return on Investment (ROI).

Increase CTR or Decrease CPC

Moving to more specific analyses, there is also the possibility of seeking insights to increase the CTR (Click-Through Rate) or decrease the CPC (Cost per Click) of your campaigns.

Thus, the assistant focuses on one of these metrics to suggest actions that help enhance the performance of ads broadcast on Instagram or Facebook.

Worst Performing Metrics

Finally, Reportei’s artificial intelligence also helps interpret the worst metric of the period and direct your actions to reverse this situation.

Regardless of the chosen objective, the main advantage of the paid traffic management assistant is that it allows you to make data-based decisions and adjust your strategies in real-time, aiming to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of your campaigns in Meta Ads and other channels.

How to Access Reportei’s Artificial Intelligence Features?

Reportei AI is available for testing in all accounts with a monthly AI analysis quota, in addition to limited access to the paid traffic assistant and the Instagram assistant.

However, if you want to go further and have artificial intelligence resources in all your projects, we have specific plans that offer a larger number of analyses per month and unlimited access to assistants – making the routine much more efficient for the entire team.

Take the opportunity to test the functionalities right now or learn about the plan that best suits your needs!

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