Linking a Business Instagram account: why do I need a Facebook page?

Linking a Business Instagram account: why do I need a Facebook page?
We’ve written this post to explain the importance of adding a commercial profile to a Facebook page. Below is a step-by-step designed to help you through the linking process. Check it out!

When connecting Business Instagram to Reportei, being linked to a Facebook page is one of the most necessary and essential pre-requirements.

Since that’s not optional, we get lots of questions about how it’s possible and how it can interfere with data collecting for a report.  

With that in mind, we’ve written this post to explain the importance of adding a commercial profile to a Facebook page. Below is a step-by-step designed to help you through the linking process. Check it out!

Why do I need a Facebook page to connect my Business Instagram account?

To answer that question, we have to go back first and explain the beginnings of Business Instagram and when it became part of Facebook.

Before joining the Zuckerberg team, Instagram focused primarily on the personal experiences that users shared. So, several resources, like creating ads or tracking performance stats, were not a part of Instagram’s dynamic.

But after Facebook purchased it, Instagram started to provide options for its commercial side. And for accounts sharing content that was consistent with the interests of users. 

So, the intention behind Business Instagram was to provide similar options to the ones Facebook already supplied, like for example:

  • Creating specific ads for a wide range of audiences.
  • Metrics and performance analysis.
  • The possibility of operating differently from a personal profile.
  • And, finally, selling through Instagram Shopping.

But for that to happen effectively, the most practical way was to merge two worlds, making sure an Instagram account always connected to an existing, traditional Facebook page. 

For that reason, when you link a Business Instagram account to Facebook, the platform will give you access to business tools, and especially, to the advertising system

We can define a commercial Instagram profile as the branch of a Facebook page. This being the case, new tools have been designed to encourage brand acceptance and development on social media. 

But how does that affect linking a Business Instagram account to Reportei?

Instagram is part of Facebook, and they share several tools. Right now, the only way to add a Business Instagram account to Reportei via API (Application Programming Interface), is by having a Facebook. 

Which means you must create a business profile and add it to a Facebook page. Then, we can gather your results and deliver a full report on your business.

If these two platforms are not linked, it becomes impossible to access those tools, and as a consequence, all the information we need, like the ad manager, as well. 

So, if you haven’t created a commercial account for your business, or your Instagram account is not linked to a Facebook page yet, we’ll show you how below!

How do I link an Instagram account to a Facebook page?

First, you must be the administrator of the Instagram account. If you are not, the button won’t show up when you try to connect.

Another important observation is that you can only link one Business Instagram profile to one Facebook page, got it?

With that said, the step-by-step is real simple:

  • Just access your profile and choose Settings from the menu.
  • Tap Account, then down at the bottom of the list, click Switch to Business Account.
  • Choose Digital Creator or Entrepreneur (you will have to provide your business’ info).
  • Finally, you will have access to the button that links your account to a Facebook page, and preferences will be added to your profile.

 In case you already have a business account, there are two ways of adding it to a Facebook page. The first is through the Instagram app:

  1. Select Account in your profile settings again, then tap Sharing to other apps.
  2. Tap Facebook and log in if you haven’t already.
  3. After connecting your account to your page, select Facebook again, and Share to choose your business page.

The other way of linking your accounts is through Facebook. All you have to do is: 

  1. Select Account, then, in the menu to the left, choose Instagram.
  2. Tap Link Account and log in to the Instagram profile you’d like to connect.
  3. Confirm the action, and that’s it. Your accounts are linked!

Which Business Instagram metrics can I review on Reportei?

With your profile linked to a Facebook page, adding a commercial Instagram account to Reportei is easy to do.  It will also give you more options for analyzing your stats in detail.

Business Instagram  6.218                                    383                               18.090                         28.236 Number of followers            new followers                 reach                      impressions Growth of Followers                        Impressions, reach and profile views Followers – left / follower growth (%) – right      impressions / reach / profile views

That’s how you can access all performance metrics related to your feed and stories. Here’s what a report will give you:

  • number of followers and new followers 
  • reach and impressions 
  • profile views
  • profile clicks (from a phone, address, site and e-mail)
  • complete engagement of posts 
  • likes and comments 
  • post reach
  • post saves
  • reach and impressions of stories 
  • clicks to move the page forward or back
  • exits, retention and responses to stories 

 Plus, if you manage ads for your business, your investments will be detailed in the Facebook Ads report.

You have access to specific Instagram tags that reveal clicks, cost per click (CPC), reach and amount invested, and also data on the actions of users based on your ads.

Awesome, right? If you don’t already use Reportei to follow those results, connect your Business Instagram to our tool right now, and try out our resources for Instagram.


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