Reports+ or Reportei? Understand the differences between the tools

Despite having very similar names, Reports+ and Reportei are reporting tools with very different objectives.

While the first is entirely directed at Instagram, our platform is focused on analyzing the results of various social media used in the digital marketing strategy of companies.

That is, our reports offer a complete view of the return of communication actions to facilitate both the relationship with customers/decision-makers and the projection of the next steps of the project.

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3 tips on how we turned the customer support into a differential in Reportei

When I joined the Reportei team at the end of September 2017, I didn’t know how my life would change (for the better!). I was getting my journalism degree, and I fell into this job, I confess. But I was very excited and eager to see where I could go and how I could help Reportei to go even further.

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What metrics will I find in Reportei’s reports

Reportei’s social media reports are generated within seconds, which streamlines the routine of the social media analyst who will no longer have to spend hours and hours checking all metrics for all managed social media. The Reportei reports are professional and easy to understand, besides having vital social metrics. Check out what they are

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4 Tips for Analyzing the Digital Marketing Report

The most important part of digital marketing reports
When using the space designed for analysis on Reportei’s social media report, do you have questions about how to supplement information that is already automatically provided by the platform?
Or not sure how to communicate the results to a particular more demanding customer?

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3 things you did not know about Reportei’s report

Did you know that Reportei’s report goes far beyond the metrics and extensive analysis of social media results? Along with the new customizable version we recently launched, we also have other features that make it easier for both the analyst’s work and customer understanding.

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Reportei Teams: Get to Know the New Feature of our platform

A great new feature came to our platform to further facilitate the creation and management of your social media reports: Reportei Equipes. Get to know.

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