Custom Creatives: Use Customer Data to Personalize Ads

Custom Creatives: Use Customer Data to Personalize Ads

Learn how to create custom creatives to reach the right audience and boost your conversion results

When it comes to paid media campaigns, one of the most important parts for attracting clicks and conversions is the creatives used. After all, they are responsible for delivering the message to the audience and inviting them to take action.

Therefore, whether in text, static image, or video format, it is essential to always think of ways to improve ads so that they create a genuine connection with users and generate good results.

Thus, just like other marketing strategies, they cannot be planned based on guesses but should take into account consistent information about the persona and the history of previously developed campaigns.

In this article, you will learn how to use data to your advantage in your paid media actions and develop custom creatives to boost your results. Follow along!

Why Customize Creatives Based on Data?

But first, it is essential to highlight how data aids in the process of creative customization and what advantages this offers to companies that want to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns. Among the main factors, we have:

  • Attracting the right people based on demographic characteristics, buying behaviors, or individual interests;
  • Delivering more relevant messages according to the needs, preferences, and interaction history of consumers. With this, you can increase the likelihood that they will engage with the ad and convert into a desired action, such as a purchase or registration;
  • Increasing the conversion rate, as by targeting specific messages to consumers, you are providing them with a more personalized experience, which increases trust and the likelihood that they will perform the desired action;
  • Improving the return on investment (ROI) of campaigns, as by delivering messages to the right people, at the right time, and with the right approach, you are maximizing the chances of obtaining positive results and avoiding resource waste on ads that are not relevant to the target audience.

In other words, the analysis and use of data for creative customization make all the difference for those who want to communicate more precisely with the persona and, consequently, achieve a higher return on their campaigns.

6 Tips for Producing Custom Creatives

With that said, it’s time to check out tips for producing custom creatives based on data and what types of information can help in the process of convincing the audience. Let’s go?

Know Specific Audience and Sales Information

The first step to creating more relevant ads is to know specific data about the company’s customer profile and how its sales process works.

With this, it’s possible to identify the persona’s needs and objectives, the journey they go through to make a purchase, and their objections, thinking of arguments that are attractive and efficient for each segmentation worked in your strategy.

Use Geographic and Demographic Data

Along with the previous information, geographic and demographic data also assist in developing custom creatives, allowing you to go beyond the campaign segmentation settings.

For example, knowing the locations where there are more sales, the main age range of buyers, professions, and other data makes it possible for you to create specific approaches or offers, with messages that adapt to the culture and language of each audience.

It is also essential to understand your audience’s digital behavior, in order to plan ads with formats suitable for each social media and the devices most used by these people.

Offer Social Proof

Another important point for making more personalized and effective creatives is the use of social proof in the messages broadcast.

Using data from company success cases, customer testimonials, and reviews on social media makes it easier to influence the consumer’s decision-making process and, with this, increase your conversions.

Test Creative Variations

Based on the results generated by your ads, it’s also ideal to conduct A/B tests that help find the best creatives for each campaign.

For example, if you notice that the click-through rate (CTR) of an ad is low, it’s worth testing a different call-to-action (CTA) that makes the desired action more explicit, or a text that gives more prominence to the offer made.

Align the Ad Promise with the LP

Furthermore, you should also analyze the ad data compared to the landing page results, ensuring that the messages and offers are aligned.

Let’s say the ad does not have a good click-through rate, but the conversion rate on the landing page is high. This means that, although the LP is attractive, the ad creative is not corresponding to the promoted content as it should.

So, make the most of continuous evaluations and extract insights that help improve your actions and communicate with the right people.

Conduct a Qualitative Follow-Up of Conversions

Additionally, an interesting point to evaluate is the quality of conversions coming through these ads. This will help you understand if the creatives are generating just numbers or are truly efficient in generating qualified leads.

In the case of e-commerce or retail, this result will reflect in the number of sales. But in other types of businesses, the quality of contacts can be directly monitored with the sales team of the clients.

This way, it becomes easier to evaluate what adjustments need to be made to improve the return on your campaigns.

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Learn How to Create More Efficient Campaign Reports

To generate more efficient reports and dashboards about your ad campaigns and the creatives used, you can count on tools like Reportei!

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With this, you can devote more time to analyzing strategies for campaigns, groups, and individual ads, as well as obtaining information about the audience and insights for optimizations and new actions.

Take advantage of our 3-day free trial and discover how Reportei can help make your routine more practical and productive!

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