Instagram and Meta Ads Report: Discover the New Metrics Available on Reportei

Instagram and Meta Ads Report: Discover the New Metrics Available on Reportei

Explore all the new metrics for posts, stories, and ads that have arrived in the Instagram and Meta Ads reports on Reportei

The reports and dashboards for Instagram and Meta Ads on Reportei just got even more comprehensive! With the addition of new metrics in the channels, it’s now possible to analyze even more specific information about your social media content and ads.

Although not displayed automatically in the standard report version, you can simply click on “Add metrics” to access them all and decide which are most important to present to your clients.

In this article, we’ll show you all the metrics you can now monitor through the Instagram and Meta Ads reports on Reportei!

Instagram Metrics

Recently, the Instagram API underwent an update, providing access to new metrics for feed content and stories, which show how your posts generate broader engagement for your profile. Check out these new data points!


The first change in the report is the arrival of metrics related to posts and their impact on follower growth, contact activities, profile views, and much more.

However, it’s important to note: these data only consider individual images or videos posted, not including carousel or IGTV metrics. Stay updated with these new available information:

  • Began following: users who started following the profile after viewing a post on your feed;
  • Total profile activities: actions that people took after engaging with a post on your profile, such as bio link clicks or action buttons (to make a call, send an email, message, etc.);
  • Total profile views: the number of times the account was visited from a feed post; Post shares: total number during the analyzed period;
  • Total post interactions: the number of likes, comments, saves, and shares of posts (excluding undone interactions during the period).


Another significant change in the Instagram report is the introduction of new metrics for stories, which also demonstrate how these contents impact other actions taken by network users. These include:

  • Began following: users who became new followers after viewing a story;
  • Total profile activities: actions taken after engaging with a story, such as bio link clicks or action buttons on the profile;
  • Total profile visits: after viewing account stories;
  • Story shares: total number during the analyzed period;
  • Total interactions with stories: such as responses or sharing the published content;
  • Swiped forward in stories: indicates the number of times users swiped or moved the mouse forward, skipping to another account’s stories.

Besides the total results related to stories, the new Instagram report metrics also include averages of these data. See them below:

  • Average accounts that began following after viewing a story. This number considers the relationship between the total of new users and the contents published in the period; Average profile activities, calculated from the total number of actions divided by the total stories posted on the account;
  • Average profile visits, adding the total visitors to the account and dividing by the total stories posted;
  • Average story shares during the analyzed period;
  • Average interaction with stories, considering all actions;
  • Average swipes forward in stories, measuring the relationship between actions to “skip” contents and the number of publications.

Soon, other story metrics should become available to make your content analysis even more complete. So keep an eye on our platform!

Meta Ads Metrics

Like Instagram, the Meta Ads report has also gained new metrics related to user interactions with ads. Check them out:

  • Facebook Purchases: purchase actions attributed to your ads, based on information received from Facebook for Business tools or made on a social network property;
  • Instagram Purchases: purchase actions attributed to ads on the social network, measured using the same criteria as Facebook Purchases;
  • Cost per Website Contacts: the number of website contact events attributed to your ads;
  • Facebook Engagement Rate: percentage of interactions with ads shown on the network, considering the relationship between engagement and reach;
  • Instagram Engagement Rate: percentage of interactions with ads shown on the channel, considering the same criteria established in the above metric;
  • Total Engagement Rate: percentage considering interactions on both social networks;
  • Initiated Trials: of a product or service you offer. For example, a trial subscription.

Create Customized Instagram and Meta Ads Reports

Whether in the Instagram or Meta Ads reports, Reportei provides all the resources for you to customize templates, such as selecting the most important metrics and defining their order of appearance, to develop the best layout for presenting results for the project.

Furthermore, you can add text, image, or video analyses – complementing automatically captured information –, edit tables highlighting posts and ads, or add manual metrics and graphs – in case you still miss a metric.

The best part is that, in addition to creating these customized templates, you can save them for later use in the same or other projects registered in your account.

Take advantage of our 3-day free trial to discover all the new features of the Instagram and Meta Ads reports, and customization possibilities available on Reportei!

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