Traffic Management Assistant: Receive analysis and insights from ad campaigns

Traffic Management Assistant: Receive analysis and insights from ad campaigns

Learn what Reportei’s paid traffic management assistant is, how to use it in your analysis, and gain more precise insights into your campaigns

For those who invest in ad campaigns, one of the major concerns is the analysis of results and the search for more efficient actions in the routine. Focusing on aiding this process, Reportei has created the traffic management assistant, which uses artificial intelligence to assist in more strategic decision-making.

Thus, in this article, we will tell you all the details about this tool, on which channels it can be used, and what other benefits Reportei’s AI provides to users. Follow along!

What is Reportei’s paid traffic management assistant?

The traffic management assistant is an exclusive tool of Reportei AI that uses artificial intelligence to provide strategic guidelines and expert insights, enhancing the performance of your ad campaigns.

Based on concrete data, the provided guidelines are defined from analysis objectives, such as an overall view of account performance, seeking to increase CTR or reduce CPC.

With this, the functionality ensures that you make better decisions to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) of your campaigns, saving time in the process and reaching business objectives in a more practical and agile way.

Next, we detail how the tool works and which platforms can be analyzed with it. Shall we?

Analysis Objectives of the Traffic Management Assistant

When accessing the traffic management assistant panel and selecting the channel to be analyzed, you will be asked to choose an objective for your analysis. These include:

  • Comprehensive analysis: offers a broader view of the results, focusing on identifying the main successes and areas for improvement over a specific period. Thus, you can access both the best and worst results, whether in reach, engagement, or conversions. Then, recommendations are provided to optimize or change the scenario, always with the aim of obtaining a more satisfactory ROI.
  • Increase in CTR or reduction in CPC: for more specific analyses, it’s possible to seek insights aimed at increasing the Click-Through Rate (CTR) or reducing the Cost Per Click (CPC) in your campaigns. In this way, the assistant directs its focus to one of these metrics, offering suggestions for actions to improve the performance of the advertised ads.
  • Lowest performing metrics: lastly, Reportei’s artificial intelligence assists in interpreting the worst-performing metric during the period, guiding your actions to reverse this scenario and obtain better results with the campaigns.

Regardless of the chosen objective, the main advantage of the paid traffic management assistant is the ability to make data-based decisions and adjust strategies in real time across various paid media channels.

Which Ads platforms can be analyzed?

Great news is that all Ads platforms that integrate with Reportei can be analyzed with this assistant. In total, there are 6 channels, as you can see below:

Google Ads

With data integration from Google Ads, it’s possible to access metrics that help understand not only the performance of campaigns but also of the ad groups and keywords set for them.

Meta Ads

One of the most comprehensive, the integration with Meta Ads brings a detailed view of investments on Facebook and Instagram, from ad clicks to online or offline conversions generated.

LinkedIn Ads

In addition to conducting an organic analysis of your actions on LinkedIn, Reportei also allows a simple interpretation of the return on investments in LinkedIn Ads – with access to reach, clicks, followers gained, total engagement, and more.

TikTok Ads

One of the most popular social networks at the moment, TikTok also integrates with Reportei. Thus, you can analyze both the general engagement of videos and the efforts employed in ads, obtaining insights to connect more easily with the young audience accessing the platform.

Twitter Ads

By integrating Twitter Ads (or X, as the social network is now known), it’s possible to access the main metrics, performance charts, and individual results of campaigns and ads broadcasted on your account.

Pinterest Ads

Finally, we have the integration with Pinterest Ads, which delivers a strategic analysis of the performance of your pins, whether to generate more impressions for the profile, engagement, or clicks.

With the choice of the channel, just proceed with the analysis of the overall account view, CTR, CPC, or the worst-performing metric, obtaining valuable insights with the paid traffic management assistant.

Discover Reportei’s AI Analysis Tool

In addition, Reportei AI also provides automatic analyses of your Ads reports and all other integrations available on our platform.

By opting for artificial intelligence analyses during the configuration of your report or dashboard, you receive detailed textual interpretations of the data from each channel, with suggestions for actions to improve performance.

In other words, in a matter of seconds, the tool provides a comprehensive view of the scenario and identifies specific patterns, allowing you to focus on what really matters: making quick and efficient decisions to boost the success of your business.

With automatic AI analyses and the traffic management assistant, Reportei becomes the ideal co-pilot for more assertive metric analysis in the routine.

Furthermore, Reportei AI is available for testing on all accounts and in specific plans for those who wish to go further in their analyses and strategies. Take advantage and discover the tool now!

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