What metrics will I find in Reportei’s reports

Reportei’s social media reports are generated within seconds, which streamlines the routine of the social media analyst who will no longer have to spend hours and hours checking all metrics for all managed social media. The Reportei reports are professional and easy to understand, besides having vital social metrics. Check out what they are

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Instagram Shopping: Learn how to sell through the app

Instagram Shopping is a tool that is increasingly changing the relationship between brands and customers in the leading platform of photos and videos. If previously, the goal of social networking was to promote the products and the company, now it becomes an essential part of the consumer buying journey. Learn More

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Instagram Stories reports

New report for Instagram Stories

Following the integration of Instagram Business into our platform, it is time to introduce another essential tool for developing your communication with customers: the Instagram Stories report.

Increasingly, stories are gaining strength in social networks and have become a differential for proximity and engagement with the public. As a result, we couldn’t miss out on our report the metrics that help marketers understand if their strategies are working and what changes can be made to achieve better performance with these Instagram posts.

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4 Tips for Analyzing the Digital Marketing Report

The most important part of digital marketing reports
When using the space designed for analysis on Reportei’s social media report, do you have questions about how to supplement information that is already automatically provided by the platform?
Or not sure how to communicate the results to a particular more demanding customer?

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SEO for YouTube: 9 Tips to Bring Your Channel to the Top Ranking

No wonder digital influencers and companies have been banking on the world’s most famous video platform to bring information to the public, build closer relationships, and advertise their business. But, as it is with Google, the competition for top YouTube rankings is fierce and requires far more than producing good content.

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Google Analytics Referral Spam: What is it and how to remove it

Recently, while trying to help a Reportei customer with issues with their report data, we came across an issue previously unknown to our team: Google Analytics Referral Spam. Our customer’s question was related to a suspicious traffic source that appeared in their report, pointing out that something could be wrong with their analysis.

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Updated Guide: Image Sizes for Social Media

With frequent changes in social media, it is normal to have doubts and get confused when producing the graphic and audiovisual content of the managed page or profile. Check out the Reportei template, which brings the image specifications for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube:

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17 International Certified Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Courses in International Platforms

We have prepared a packed list of online Digital Marketing courses. Note that all courses listed here are free and certified! So you can save your money and secure your Christmas gifts or invest in your career.

There are several options for introductory, advanced, short or long courses, all in English. The signup link is at the end of each tip. Study hard!

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Statistics and data analysis

Google Ads Report: Stay tuned to Reportei’s new feature

The Google Ads report (one of the most anticipated features of all time) recently came at Reportei to make your digital marketing analytics even more complete.

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ramping your sales team

3 tips for optimizing your agency sales team

Structuring a Sales team with well-defined processes is still one of the most challenging goals that agencies need to achieve to thrive in a market as crowded as marketing.

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